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15 Smart Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Waterfront Property

Dreaming about that peaceful waterfront life at Apple Valley Lake? 
I completely understand the appeal. Who wouldn't want to wake up to the sound of gentle waves or enjoy morning coffee with a lakeside view?

But, like any significant decision, buying a waterfront property needs some homework. Securing that dreamy spot isn't solely about nabbing the best sunset view. It's also about ensuring it's a wise long-term investment. 

To help you, I've compiled a list of 15 smart questions to consider before you take the plunge. It's like having a friendly chat to make sure you're all set, and there are no surprise hiccups down the line. 

Key Considerations Before Investing In a Waterfront Property: Questions to Ask

What Questions Should I Ask Before Investing In A Waterfront Property?

1. How does this property's value compare to similar listings?

Waterfront properties typically have a higher value than those not near the water. NAR reports that waterfront properties sell for 64% more than non-waterfront on average. 

Comparing the market value of the properties helps you see if the price is reasonable. Understanding the market value also gives you an advantage during negotiations. 

Our team have been #1 in Apple Valley sales since 2017. We can help you with market value and the latest market trends. We have access to comprehensive data on recent sales and can help you navigate the market with confidence.


2. What is the property's rental potential?

Knowing the rental potential of a property is vital for investment purposes. Renting it out can generate regular income to cover mortgage and maintenance costs.

Properties near water in vacation destinations have higher rental rates during peak seasons. 

Zillow noted that rental rates in the lakefront area can increase by 25% or more during the summer. You can charge higher rent during busy times if you own a property near the water in a popular vacation spot. 

Let us know if you need help evaluating the rental potential of a property. We can provide valuable insights into the rental market in Apple Valley Lake.


3. What is the property's potential for appreciation?

Considering long-term appreciation potential is important in real estate investment. 

Apple Valley Lake has experienced steady growth in property values for five years. The median home prices at Apple Valley Lake have experienced a 22% increase. This indicates a positive trend. 

If you're interested, we can offer you more historical data and trends in the local market. This can help you assess the property's potential for appreciation more effectively.

Property Tax Explained: Understanding the Basics of Real Estate Taxes

4. What are the property taxes?

Waterfront properties tend to have a higher estimated value than those further inland. Also, they may be subject to potentially higher property taxes. 

Knowing the amount of property taxes in advance is essential. That way, you can include that cost in your financial planning and know what to expect each year.


5. What financing options are available? 

Research the financing options for purchasing a waterfront property in Apple Valley Lake. You can find the best choice for your needs this way.

Some lenders offer specialized loans for waterfront properties. Exploring these options can help you secure favorable financing terms. Joe and I can give you info about financing options specific to the area.


6. Are there any planned developments nearby? 

It's good to know because it can affect your property's value. Plans for new buildings or parks could be a positive sign for your property value. Let us know if you want more info about the future plans near the property you're interested in.


7. What is the water like around the area? 

Knowing if the water is clean and safe is important if you plan to swim, boat, or enjoy water activities often. At Apple Valley Lake, the water is clear and pristine. It's known for being crystal clear and has an average depth of 30 feet. 

Let us know if you want more details about the water quality at Apple Valley Lake.


8. How is the shoreline protected? 

At Apple Valley Lake, they have implemented measures to safeguard the shoreline. 

They've constructed strong seawalls using durable materials and ensure regular maintenance. These actions effectively prevent erosion and preserve the value of your waterfront property. Rest assured, you can fully enjoy the lake's beauty without any concerns.


9. Are there water restrictions or rules? 

It's important to know the specific restrictions or regulations related to water activities. These rules protect the Apple Valley Lake and help preserve natural habitats.


10. Have you thoroughly inspected the property? 

Conducting a comprehensive inspection of the property you're interested in is important. This involves assessing existing structures and identifying potential risks like erosion or flooding. 

You can contact us if you need help scheduling an inspection.


11. What are the property boundaries? 

Knowing the precise boundaries of the property is important. You'll avoid any issues with neighbors this way. Having a clear understanding of your property's extent gives you peace. 

Feel free to message us if you have questions about property boundaries.


12. How easy is it to access the property? 

Getting to your waterfront property easily is important for your convenience and enjoyment. Find out how close the main roads and other transportation options are to the property. We can give you detailed info about how accessible properties are in Apple Valley Lake, Ohio. You can call or text us anytime!

Property Accessibility: Assessing the Ease of Access to Your Ideal Location

13. How are utilities serviced on the property? 

It's important to know how utilities, like electricity and water, are on the property. These utilities are necessary for your comfortable living.


14. What amenities and services are nearby? 

Are there grocery stores, restaurants, medical facilities, and things to do nearby? Check what amenities and services are close to the property. 

Explore and assess the proximity of these amenities and services. Apple Valley Lake has many amenities and services for a comfortable and well-rounded living experience.


15. What is the zoning of the property? 

Understanding the zoning regulations is important. Zoning laws determine what activities are only allowed in the area. This could be a little perplexing. Don't worry! We can help you with this. 

You need to know what activities are not allowed to ensure compliance with the local zoning laws. Feel free to provide more details about the specific property, and we'll do our best to assist you further.

We understand your investment goals are unique. That's why we offer personalized guidance for your needs. Don't settle for ordinary investments!

Investing in a waterfront property here in Apple Valley Lake is an absolute delight. But remember to do your homework first. Do some research and gather all the necessary details. Then, ask the right questions once you have collected all the info.

We, Joe and Sherrie Toth, are here. We can be your trusted guides.  

Contact us today at 740-390-0735. You can also visit our site We'll make sure your investment decision is nothing short of exceptional.  
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