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Apple Valley Lake Ohio Weather

Before purchasing an Apple Valley lake home, people often wonder exactly how much use will be gained from it beyond the dog days of summer. Being in Ohio, I know the weather doesn't always align with the vision most have of summer lake living but whether it is a vacation home or a permanent residence, owning a lake house at Apple Valley Lake in Howard Ohio, can be enjoyable during all of the four seasons that Ohio experiences. I'd like to let you in on a few of my favorite things to do with each new season.Weather at Apple Valley, Ohio


In the spring, everything becomes new again. Song birds return from their southern vacations to nest, flowers start blooming, and everything outdoors comes alive again. After cold winter days, it is a great feeling to get outside and breathe in some fresh air. Many people worry about all of the rain in the spring time but I don't let that deter me. There is still plenty to do while waiting for that first summer dip. The Weather at Apple Valley Ohio - Springweather at Apple Valley Lake during the spring makes for terrific fishing. When the weather is cloudy and even a bit rainy, fish like to roam and become a bit more aggressive. This all means it doesn't take much work to get a bite! When fishing isn't on the agenda, there is a long list of parks and natural areas around that I like to visit and take a hike, do some bird watching, and warm my face with the first bright rays of year. Spring may bring showers, but on average fewer than 10 days a month bring precipitation to Howard, leaving plenty of dry days.

As the weather is beginning to warm, and the need to get out and about starts to kick in, checking out local places like Roscoe Village, the Knox County Historical Society, or Ariel Foundation Park is the perfect answer! Take a step back in time at the historical society to the 1830s and learn about the impact of the canal boat systems in Ohio that made massive impacts on everything the state has been able to achieve. If you're looking for something a little more recent, Ariel Foundation Park (formerly a glass blowing factor), now has a museum and a unique park with walking trails, sculptures, and architectural ruins that will entertain for multiple visits. The average high temperature between March-May is 61.3 degrees. As reported by weathercom. 

Sweet summertime, the pinnacle of enjoyment when owning a lake house. There are so many fantastic activities and adventures to get into at Apple Valley Lakes and the surrounding Howard Ohio area during the summer and plenty of sunshine under which to do. The local summer weather tends to be warm, Weather at Apple Valley Lake, Ohio - Summerhumid, and perfect for getting outside. With 511 acres of lake, it is easy to fill the day with sunshine, water, and fun! Take the boat out for some tubing or wakeboarding, have a dock party, or slow things down with some fishing. Visit the basketball courts for a quick pick up game in the evening to dry off before lighting a fire for hot dogs and s'mores.

While I can fill my entire summer with things to do at the lake, I also love to check out the local attractions and there are plenty in the area. Railroad There are many natural preserves and parks that offer a view of Ohio many may not have been aware existed. Honey Run Park boasts a 25 foot waterfall and hiking views of 350 million year old blackhand sandstone boulders and cliffs. This park, as well as a few other local preserves, is a great place to geocache or get into geocaching while you're vacationing! Apple Valley Lakes is close to the Kokosing River and heading to the local canoe livery is a nice way to take in the valley views with a relaxing trip down the river. The average high temperature between June - August is 82 degrees. As reported by weathercom.

Everyone seems to have a special love for the fall season and there is nothing more beautiful than watching the turning of the seasons at a beautiful lake community. Not to mention the fall festivals, Weather at Apple Valley Lake - Fallorchards, and pumpkin patches in the area. Just one look at the Apple Valley Lake Cam on a fall day, and I immediately want to take a walk in the crisp air, smell the leaves, and take in the gorgeous colors of the season. Weather is pretty moderate during the autumn months with temperatures ranging in the mid-60s during the day and dropping into the 40's overnight. Fall nights are the ideal time to light a fire, make a mug of hot apple cider, and enjoy the company of your friends and family. The community at Apple Valley Lake is friendly, welcoming, and neighborly, ensuring a friend is always nearby. A good fire and good people are what fall nights in Ohio are all about. The average high temperature between September - November is 63.6 degrees. As reported by weathercom.

Many may not think winter is the best time to head to the lake but I feel that it is the hidden gem of having a lake front property. While Apple Valley Lake Ohio weather often means cold and snow, it doesn't mean you have to put your lake house fun on hold. Cold weather and snow don't mean you have to be stuck inside all winter. Locally, there are multiple parks with hiking trails offering beautiful winter time views. I mentioned Honey Run Park as a great summer adventure but it is a definite must see if there is snowfall! Mansfield Snow Trails isn't far, and offers snow tubing, skiing, and lessons for kids to get acquainted with the slopes.Weather at Apple Valley Lake Ohio - Winter

Staying close to home is an option, too. Apply Valley Lake Community has plenty to offer to fight off cabin fever. From work out facilities to an indoor pool, there are community amenities to provide an outlet for winter weather activity. On snow days, there is always a snowman to build. I also love a game of footprint tag or freezing colored ice cubes to use for a snow day scavenger hunt. Don't forget some essential winter time favorites: fires, hot cocoa, and holidays. All of these take on a new meaning of warmth when enjoyed at a cozy spot on the lake. I enjoy settling in by a fire with a game of cards, board games, or a nice book.  The average high temperature between January-March is 37degrees . As reported by weathercom.

Final Words:
Overall, Apple Valley Lake Ohio weather has warm and humid summers, typically cold winters. While the weather in Ohio can vary from season to season, it doesn't mean that any guessing needs to be made about how to plan for an upcoming trip. The weather at Apple Valley Lake can be monitored via the Apple Valley Lake Cam 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It  includes a link for the weather details at the bottom. My out of area friends and clients like to take a peek often!. Regardless of your favorite season, Apple Valley Lake Community has something to offer you during the entire year. Ohio has beautiful things to show with each new season and there is plenty here to keep a person busy whenever the urge for a getaway happens. I encourage you to get in touch with us to set up a visit and experience first-hand both the adventurous and relaxing options Apple Valley Lake has to offer.

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