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What Are the Fees at Apple Valley Lake, Ohio?

Fees at Apple Valley Lake - Homebuyers fall in love with the lifestyle and low fees at Apple Valley Lake.

*** Noted as of 2024. Fees may change without notice. Always check with the AVPOA for the latest updates, corrections or changes. 740-397-3311

Apple Valley Lake is one of the best lake destinations here in Ohio. You might have been here and are seriously considering owning property but might be wondering 'What are the fees at Apple Valley OH?'

There are two kinds of fees in Apple Valley OH: mandatory fees and optional fees. Mandatory fees are required for all property owners in Apple Valley and include the following: 

  • annual maintenance assessment
  • property owners’ association fee
  • deed transfer fee

Optional fees, on the other hand, are paid as the need arises which are listed below:

  • dependent cards
  • access cards
  • boat decals
  • temporary guest boat pass
  • family and guest passes
  • fitness membership
  • rental fees to the facilities
  • fees for architectural projects

Mandatory Fees for Property Owners of Apple Valley Lake

Property Owners Association Fee

The property owners association (POA) collects payments from owners to cover expenses that the POA is responsible for on a regular basis. POA fees vary drastically across the country, with some estimates claiming these fees range between $100 and $700 per month. So, you can only imagine the delight I hear from clients when I tell them that the POA fee in Apple Valley starts at $225 ANNUALLY. Click here

Individual Amount*
Owner Dues $268.00 /year
Renters Dues $400.00 /year
Guest Fee Call AVPOA latest 740-397-3311

*All amounts are updated as of March 1, 2024, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.

Annual Maintenance Assessment

The property owners' association (POA) collects payments from owners to cover expenses the POA is responsible for but there are cases when those aren't covered in the regular monthly fees. 

Take lawn care, for example. The POA fees typically cover the cost of landscape services to weed, feed and mow the grass in the common areas. But suppose a tree care service is called in to remove a dying tree. The POA board of directors may vote to impose an assessment fee to pay for that expense. In Apple Valley, the annual maintenance assessment costs only $225 per lot.

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Deed Transfer Fee

There is a one-time deed transfer fee of $165 per deed in Apple Valley Lake. More than one lot can be listed on the deed. 

Access Cards and Dependent Cards

Access cards and dependent cards are your proof of homeownership in Apple Valley and are required for use of the facilities. Unless lost or damaged, you only have to get it once. 

For your convenience, you can get access cards at several facilities in Apple Valley, including the administration office, floral valley community center, the marina, and camper’s village.

Type of Card Fee*
Dependent Card $15.00 per dependent
Access Card $20.00 per person

*All amounts are updated as of March 1, 2024, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.

Optional Fees for Property Owners of Apple Valley Lake

These fees apply depending on your lifestyle needs. For boating activities, you can get decals for your watercraft at the Marina. Decals for powered boats cost only $60.00 while decals for non-powered boats are at $25.00. For property owners without a registered powered or non powered boat, a temporary, 7-day, guest boat pass is available for only $60.00.


For a fit and healthy lifestyle, membership in the Apple Valley Clubhouse Fitness Center conveniently provides all the equipment you need to workout including early access to the indoor pool. Listed below are the prices for annual fitness membership:

Fitness Membership Fee*
Individual Membership $ 90.00 + card/person
Family Membership $220.00 + card/person

*All amounts are updated as of March 1, 2024, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.

Membership to the Clubhouse Fitness Center with early access to the indoor pool lasts for a year, from April 1  to March 31 .

If you’re a boating enthusiast and are looking for homes in Apple Valley, click here.  

Fees at Apple Valley Lake - Enjoy excellent fitness amenities affordably at Apple Valley Fitness Center.

You can also join instructor-led fitness classes in the Apple Valley Fitness Center for only $90.00 /year or $5.00 /class (as scheduled). This is separate from the fitness membership and classes are held in the upper level of the Club House.

Considering that the average gym membership in the country costs $50 MONTHLY, the fitness membership fees at Apple Valley Fitness Center seems like a dream, but it IS true. This is one of the things people love about Apple Valley.

Family Passes

Immediate family members of property owners can have access to the Clubhouse and its facilities by availing of family passes.

Family passes can be short-term or long-term, and may or may not include fitness membership. Long-Term passes allow family members to bring their own guests subject to the limits of guests per facility. However, renters are not eligible for family passes.

Types of Family Pass Amount Total Amount with Fitness Membership*
Short Term
3-Day $30.00 $40.00
7-Day $50.00 $65.00
30-Day $90.00 $100.00
60-Day $115.00 $135.00
Long Term
90-Day $165.00 $200.00
365-Day $335.00 $385.00

*All amounts are updated as of March 1, 2024, and are based on the Apple Valley POA website.

Facility Rental Fees

Property owners may also rent the clubhouse, floral valley banquet hall, meeting room and indoor pool as a venue for their special events. 

Club House

Apple Valley Lake homes for sale under $150,000 at any given time.

Apple Valley Lake Ohio - Numerous amenities yet low fees make Apple Valley a sought after community

The Apple Valley Club House accommodates 100 people comfortably. It can be rented for a full day's event -- from 10 am until 12 am.

Clubhouse Rental Fees Amount
Refundable deposit $100.00
A full day of use $235.00
Day prior to the event $82.00
Additional hrs. after midnight $75.00/hr.
Additional Services
Staff set-up (4 hours min.) $65.00/hr

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