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8 Biggest Benefits of Buying A Lakefront Home in the Apple Valley Lake Community

Apple Valley Lakefront Homes For Sale - Everyday feels like youre on vacation when you buy an Apple Valley lakefront home.

Owning a lakefront home is a dream come true for many people. Who wouldn't want to wake up to the soothing sound of water? Or take a stroll along the waterfront whenever they want?

The biggest benefits of buying a home in Apple Valley Lake include the wealth of waterfront activities you’ll enjoy, and owning part of a coveted vacation destination as well.

Whether you're looking to buy a lake house as your primary house or as a vacation getaway, you’ll need to act fast. That beautiful lakeside property you've found won't last long. Any real estate agent will tell you, the best Apple Valley Lake Real Estate properties sell in a flash.

Many people dream of owning a home with breathtaking views of a gorgeous lake, but a slice of paradise comes with costs that are impossible to predict or budget for. Regardless of where you buy, the location is crucial. When looking for waterfront property, the location becomes even more important.

Lakefront homes match a specific lifestyle choice that is extremely appealing. When chasing a property you really want, it's more necessary than ever to think rationally. You can live on the waterfront, but you must be aware of all of the factors that go into acquiring lake properties.

Purchasing a lakefront house differs from purchasing a standard property on several aspects. Before taking the plunge into the lakefront lifestyle, it's important to grasp the distinctions. Here are some of the most significant benefits of owning property in Apple Valley Lake.

Top Apple Valley Lake Real Estate Agents - Discover the benefits of living on a lakefront property

Is a Lakefront Property A Good Investment?

At any given time, only a limited number of lakefront properties will be available. This scarcity, paired with high demand, can make lake property or waterfront real estate an excellent investment. 

Each time you make a mortgage payment on a lakefront home, you gain equity. A conventional house cannot give you this same benefit. Lakefront properties keep their value and appreciate faster than any other type of residential real estate. Waterfront property is valued across the United States.

When searching for the ideal site to buy a lake house, certain areas are better investments than others. Make sure you have a professional inspect the area. Inspect what? You need to ensure the earth is stable and the waterline is not rising. The value of a property grows if it is in a desirable location, well-built, and situated on sustainable land.

What are the Benefits of Buying A Lakefront Home in Apple Valley Lake Community?

Enjoying the sun rising over a clear lake. Long days spent on the water during the summer. Sunset boat cruises are available. Singing around bonfires while making marshmallows. Moments that will stay long after you've packed your belongings and returned home.

Homes For Sale at Apple Valley Lake may be one of your best investments. Such property will provide you with a lifetime of great summer holidays and weekend getaways. Here are nine reasons why you should get one of the Best Apple Valley Lake Homes and Lots For Sale.

1. Excellent Investment Prospects

Many people buy beach or lakeside homes as second homes, as both an investment and a vacation spot. You won't find a better holiday rental investment if you're thinking about buying a lake property as a second home.

In today's self-rental marketplace, waterfront investment homes are among the most sought-after by renters. People are avoiding package deals and hotels for vacation homes in a more relaxed setting. If you opt to rent out your property, it will be in high demand.

Remember that lake house renters can only sit on the dock and use the water right in front of their house. They can now pay a fee to use the amenities if their rental agreement is longer than six months. The amenities are not available to anyone staying for a week, a weekend, or less than six months. Some folks will rent a home with a lake view for a short period of time so they can gaze out at the water. Renters will appreciate being able to spend time with their families while also being able to view the water.

2. Real Estate Appreciation is a Big Likelihood

Ever wondered how steady the Apple Valley Lake Real Estate market will be? The high demand for lakefront properties and their limited supply drives a strong potential for appreciation. After all, there's only so much lakefront available to build on.

This means the few homes that dot the landscape around the lake are more desirable and hold their value. It also means the best waterfront properties don't last long on the market.

So, while we're sure you'll like to savor your lakeside home for many years to come, you can rest assured if you ever decide to sell your home in Apple Valley Lake, you'll get a great deal. The thrill of living by the lake is timeless. Future buyers will be drawn to your lakeside property for the same reasons you were.

3. It's As If You're Always On Vacation

Searching for a holiday home or a permanent house? Your lake waterfront property will always make you feel like you're on a holiday. The temptation of water activities will be staring you in the face, right in your own backyard, without the hassle of a lengthy trip to a remote lake somewhere. You'll want to spend more time outside. You'll take advantage of the medical benefits of fresh air and increased exercise.

Furthermore, people who live on the waterfront may feel more at ease and relaxed. A spectacular view is usually connected with a high-value property. This encourages individuals to spend more time outside and to be appreciative of what they have. These "vacation vibes" will make you happier in the long run and make you feel like you're on a holiday every day.

The stunning view of the Apple Valley Lake, OH, is always desirable, making the real estate market here a good one. #AppleValleyLakeOHHomes #TothAndTeam #OhioLakesHomeStagingTips

— Apple Valley Lake Toth and Team (@AppleValleyLake) June 13, 2021

4. Breathtaking Views

If you're still undecided about whether to get one of the Apple Valley Lake Ohio homes for sale, take a look at a few lakefront residences our best real estate agents in Apple Valley Lake Ohio have to offer. We're confident thatthe breathtaking sights will be enough to persuade you.

Lakeside properties are in high demand and sell for their unobstructed views of the water, but purchasing a lake property provides you with more than stunning views of lapping waves and tranquil waterways. These panoramas also provide a backdrop for all nature's splendors. It's impossible to get weary witnessing Mother Earth in action right on your doorway, from stunning sunsets to viewing birds and fish in their natural habitat.

Apple Valley Lake Real Estate - Fall in love with lakefront homes and amenities at Apple Valley Lake.

5. Tranquil and Relaxing Environment

Lakeside living is synonymous with peace and quiet, along with breathtaking views. You'll finally hear the birds singing, and be able to consider your own thoughts. Hearing the water lap up against the shore, seeing the boats go by, and hearing people enjoying the lake.

Even if you want to buy a lake house as a second home, this investment will offer you the ideal place to unwind whenever you need to get away from the city.

6. Boost Your Physical and Mental Health

Many of us are drawn to water, it provides both peace and adventure. It can be from calm lakes, flowing rivers, and crashing waves.

With the prevalence of stress and worry on the rise, we're beginning to realize how beneficial nature can be to our mental health, and how even gazing at pictures of green landscapes and blue water might help us relax. 

So imagine how staring out over a real-life lake will improve your mood and mental health. There are also physical health benefits that all that fresh lakeshore air will provide. The air around a lake is cleaner than in the city. Why? Because there are no overpasses or freeways for miles. This can aid with breathing and immunity, reducing the severity of asthmatic diseases. 

7. A Supply of Inspiration At All Times

Water is a source of motivation and intrigue for many artists. It often appears in their work or serves to fuel their creativity. There's something about living next to a body of water that gives you the energy people need to be creative. You'll discover this if you buy a home in Apple Valley, OH.

This is a major reason to consider investing in a waterfront property. Artists who wish to retreat into nature while working on their next masterpiece would love a second home for the right mixture of solitude and artistic inspiration. Then there's the stunning natural setting, which is sure to provide many photo opportunities for both Instagram newbies and pro photographers.

Showing the benefits of the water is one way to stage your waterfront home. #AppleValleyLakeOHHomes #TothAndTeam #HomeStagingTips

— Apple Valley Lake Toth and Team (@AppleValleyLake) June 15, 2021

8. Proximity to Recreational Activities

Water sports and recreational activities obviously require easy access to a large body of water. There are always many ways to enjoy the water for its recreational potential, aside from the enjoyment of looking out across the lake from your home. 

There are various water-based activities suited to all tastes, talents, and age groups. Being on the water can give you more time to enjoy it while also keeping you healthy.

Check out our Apple Valley Lake Amenities!

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Homes For Sale at Apple Valley Lake - Check out the amazing health benefits that living in a lakefront property provides!

What are the Amenities Available in Apple Valley?

We’ve talked about the proximity to recreational activities. And now, let’s talk about the list of amenities available in Apple Valley. On and off the lake, Apple Valley Lake offers various activities. Apple Valley is a terrific area to start a family, create summer adventures, enjoy fantastic canoeing, swim around in the clean and clear water, relax on the shorelines, sit poolside by the outdoor and indoor pools, take part in water sports, and more.

  • Fishing: Take a photo of your first catch! The yearly Buddy Bass competition and weekly catch-and-release tournaments are popular in Apple Valley.
  • Boating: The length is 3.25 miles and 9 miles of shoreline.. Jet skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, and other extreme water sports are available.
  • Apple Valley Lake has a campers community that is only open to property owners. It has a laundry area, bathrooms with showers, and electricity and water hookups.
  • Beaches and Swimming: Anchor in a bay and swim right off your boat to gorgeous beaches (Davis Beach, King Beach, and Sutton Beach).
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools: Have exclusive access to various amenities. The Olympic-size indoor pool is located in the Floral Valley Community Center. While the new outdoor pool is located in the clubhouse.
  • Clubs: Apple Valley property owners can join various clubs. From dancing to pickle ball, golf, and joining the Garden Club, there's something for everyone.


Homes For Sale at Apple Valley Lake - Buying a lakefront home for sale in Apple Valley Lake provides you with an investment property and vacation home at the same time.

What are the Attractions Near Apple Valley Ohio?

Before you buy a home, we're sure you'll want to know what things you can do nearby with your family and friends when you're looking for houses for sale in Apple Valley Lake. Apple Valley Lake is a private lake community with a concentration on-water activities. Some activities and attractions to nearby Apple Valley, Ohio include:

1. Roscoe Village

There's always something new to discover at Roscoe Village. The Visitor Center's main floor houses extensive dioramas, extensive maps, and models of the canal and lock system, as well as a functional grist mill.

Roscoe Village is a living history museum. It's where visitors can take a step back in time by taking a living history tour. As you walk down the brick-paved walkways, you'll come across various local craftsmen and stores, as well as sumptuous foods and delights in the village bars and restaurants.

2. Apple Valley Golf Course

This stunning championship golf course first opened its doors in 1972, and has since hosted some of Ohio's most famous golf competitions. Apple Valley Golf Club, open from April 1 to early November, is known for possessing some of he nicest, smoothest, and quickest greens in the world.

The course is always in excellent shape. Golf Digest has awarded Apple Valley its famous 4-Star rating. One of the 'Must-Play' golf courses in Ohio.

3. Schnormeier Gardens

Schnormeier Gardens is set in central Ohio's beautiful rolling hills. In 1996, we started constructing the gardens. They've expanded to 50 acres of manicured lawns, 10 lakes, various unique garden regions, and many waterfalls over the years.

The gardens have an Asian feel to them, with various colorful and textured vegetation. Rare conifers abound in this area. The environment is enhanced by massive rocks and stone walls. It created dimension and contrast. The gardens have a bold vision and meticulous attention to detail, which are a joy to behold in any season.

Top Apple Valley Lake Real Estate Agents - Top Apple Valley Lake real estate agents like Sherrie and Joe Toth have an excellent track record of satisfied lakefront homebuyers.

What to Do Before Purchasing a Waterfront Property?

If you're thinking about buying lakefront property, you're picturing yourself swimming, boating, and fishing to your heart's delight on many bright summer days. This would be a letdown if you discovered you are not permitted to do either of those activities.

Get the facts on what you are and aren't permitted to do before deciding on a home. Is it true that the property owner owns the dock in the backyard? Is motorized equipment permitted on the lake? Is fishing allowed?

Inquire about its rules with the HOA or other higher authority. Also, find out if you'll have to pay extra for amenities if the community is more rustic, modern, private, or open to anyone. Determine the distance between you and the nearest grocery store. If cell service is consistent, consider the cost of setting up a landline.

Buying Apple Valley Lake Homes For Sale is a win-win scenario. Whether it's the breathtaking surroundings and tranquil location that will entice you, or the guarantee of plenty of water-based activity, to have a blast along with your family and friends.

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What Should I Look for in a Real Estate Agent?

What to look for in a real estate agent? Look for someone who specializes in waterfront properties. Realtors like Sherrie and Joe Toth, Top Apple Valley Lake Real Estate Agents. They have an excellent track record of satisfied lakefront buyers. 

Since Apple Valley Lakefront homes for sale differ from buying a typical house, which is why working with someone who understands what to expect and what to look for is essential.

This is important if you're new to lake living and aren't familiar with the common pitfalls that come with owning a lakeside property. Sherrie and Joe Toth, Top Apple Valley Lake Real Estate Agents, know what questions to ask about the properties you see and what information you need to know about a property before making an offer. 

Trust only with the professionals who can help you achieve your Real Estate goals. Choose Sherrie and Joe Toth. Being top realtors in Apple Valley Lake Ohio, they strive on providing the best customer service, cooperation, progress, innovation, professionalism, and they always push the marketing horizon. Make your Real Estate dreams happen! Call 740-390-0735, for your inquiries and site tours now!

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