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What Steps to Take to Sell Your Home in Apple Valley Lake?

Looking to sell a home in Apple Valley Lake? Your home is not only a financial investment but an emotional one too. It is a special place, where you have spent time and money and made countless memories to cherish. Selling your home and moving to a new one is a physical as well as psychological transition.

Apple Valley Lake Homes For Sale- Selling your Apple Valley Lake OH home is a big transition to make, but it doesnt need to be a stressful experience.

It is a big deal and no one expects a stressful experience at this emotional juncture. You are ready to sell your home but don’t want the process to be complex, time-consuming, or challenging. First-timers experience more hurdles, such as crazy demands from buyers and prolonged negotiations. Sudden buyer visits invade your privacy. Their bargaining and comments about your home often leave you stressed.

One in every three home sellers feels the selling process is stressful. So, how to sell a home in Apple Valley Lake while avoiding all these stressful experiences? Here is a step by step guide to help you through the home selling process. Learn to sell without worries and get the best value.

Step 1: Select How To Sell A Home in Apple Valley Lake

How you’re going to sell defines your approach and your level of involvement. This guides you about the preparation to navigate the process and make a better strategy. Homeowners in Apple Valley Lake have the following options to choose from.

  •  Contact a real estate agent

You may get help from a reliable and reputed Apple Valley Lake real estate agent. Our professional experience in handling the home selling process comes in handy. We assist with pricing suggestion, preparing your home, marketing and connect you with potential buyers. We also complete the required paperwork and negotiate deals. It ensures fast and hassle-free selling. You don't have to do everything on your own. We know the market price and buyer expectations.

Typical broker fees might vary between brokerages. If the fee is lower, are they taking something away? This does not include other fees and costs of selling home.

  • Sell it yourself

This requires you to do everything, including the job of a real estate agent. You have to advertise and market the property, do the price research, and find buyers. Also, you have to get documents ready and negotiate with prospective buyers. It is up to you to hire a property photographer and get some appealing photos and video.

In this digital age, it is easier to reach out to a wider audience with promotions and even get serious buyers. But this may lead to physical and mental stress. You must prepare and empower yourself with adequate knowledge of the local market. From arranging property visits to negotiations and paperwork, you have to do everything. You may also have to feel the pinch of uncertainty over buyers' behavior. Even the burden caused by the selling process may result in obstacles to your job.

Some real estate professionals (Such as the Toth’s) have the skills to set you up to bring multiple buyers that do not have a home to sell and are pre-approved. The multiple buyer strategy might not always work, but your chances are very great.

There are the legal aspects to consider while selling on your own, such as disclosing latent defects, HOA disclosure, lead based paint disclosure and other items that can cause expensive problems later. An agent can help you avoid these pitfalls. 

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Apple Valley Lake Ohio Homes For Sale- Whatever your reason, its important to be prepared for the sale process of your Apple Valley Lake Home.

Step 2: Find Out The Right Asking Price

Real estate price depends on three factors – Supply and demand, condition, and location. But you still have a good chance to get buyers willing to pay above the market value. This is possible only if you can reach a larger audience and position your property well.

But, a high price may lead to your property remaining unsold for a long time. The price appeals to buyers only when they can see the value. How to find the right asking price?

Check the market price of real estate in Apple Valley Lake. Find out the recent deals and prices of homes sold in the last three months. Historically, you can get more for quality and trending updates, vaulted ceilings, and professional landscaping and hardscaping. Access to shopping and the proximity to economic hubs may add more value to the house. The cleanliness, condition, and age of your mechanics also adds to the value and influences the choice of buyers.

A good idea of the value of your property enables you to ask a fair price and win more buyers. It also prevents any bargaining by buyers and protracted negotiations. This facilitates how fast a home sells in Apple Valley Lake.

When hiring a local and successful real estate agent, with the experience and data at their fingertips, they will be able to suggest an analyzed list to probable sale price for you. Of course, in the end, you make the final decision where you position your home in the market.

Step 3: Get The Home Decked for Sale

As mentioned earlier, a clean, well-maintained home with adequate attention to its upkeep invites buyers' attention. You not only get more offers but also put yourself in a position to justify a higher asking price.

Excellent condition, appealing look, and flawless interiors are something every buyer looks for. Proper maintenance of a property is also on top of the list for buyers searching for homes. 

To prepare your home for the selling, start with decluttering. Make sure it looks clean, spacious, and welcoming for a visitor. Don’t expect the buyer to clear the mess after paying you the money. Rather present your home as an expensive and unique property. Remove dust, junk, and unused appliances from the home and away from buyers’ attention. Blank space can help stir a buyer’s imagination.

Fix or repair things that are broken, have your HVAC inspected and cleaned, add fresh and neutral paint throughout, all windows and screens should be sparkling, and clean or replace soiled or worn carpeting. Pay all pending taxes. Get house documents in order. Improve the lawn and fix the kitchen, bath, doors, windows, etc., whenever required. If possible, improve your home decoration and add more lighting. But avoid too much beautification at an added cost. 

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Step 4: Focus on Marketing

Once the house is ready for selling, it is time for your agent to list and market it. When we sell a home in Apple Valley Lake, we usually list it on the MLS database and use Facebook and local real estate portals to reach ut to prospective buyers. We hire a professional photographer to take photos of the home and add videos to attract a wider audience and allow a virtual tour of your property.

If you hire a real estate agent, he ensures your property shows on the MLS database. Licensed agents, registered buyers, and approved portals have access to the database. You get more offers from serious buyers and brokers.

Step 5: Prepare for Buyer Visits

Offers won’t convert into sales unless buyers have a first-hand view of your house. So, it percolates down to welcoming them and showing the property to get a good deal.

Buyers visit a property to see its condition, location, and the ambiance. You can make it more attractive by showcasing facilities and the interior designs. You must allow more visitors to have a better chance of getting higher offers and better terms. Ensure visitors have a thorough view of your house. Your agent will prepare marketing pieces that will highlight your home’s features and the area amenities. 

This may lead to privacy concerns or inconveniences to your family. The risk of COVID-19 infection is also there. Your agent may offer virtual tours as an alternative.

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Step 6: Check Offers, Negotiate, Accept

Offers start coming if you have worked well to market your home. The buyer may accept your price or present his own offer.

Consider all offers in detail, from price to terms. Pay attention to the following key points.

  • When offers are received within the first week, the offer should reflect this with a higher offer amount and terms that are best for you, not the buyer. If not, countering might be an option. Your agent will guide you through this process. The longer it is on the market, the offer amount and terms will typically decline, becoming less desirable for you. 

  • Whether the buyer has proof of funds or the approval letter from a mortgage lender and does not have a property to sell first. This indicates if the buyer is ready to close the deal.

  • Your agent should be able to prepare a sales net sheet. This will calculate the total amount you will have after selling your home. This includes fees, taxes, and other associated costs to know if an offer is worth pursuing.

  • Need to close the deal within a timeline? Rethink if it is suitable to sign the selling contract on a contingent basis. Offers without contingencies allow a better and faster deal.

  • Is your buyer pushing for an extended closing date? It is up to you to accept or reject that based on other offers you have.

Do you feel all these steps may overwhelm you? Are you unprepared to walk through the selling process? Let us help you. Call 740-390-0735 to talk with Joe or I. We focus only on Apple Valley sales and have the experience and skill to get you the best terms and price for your home, your investment!


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