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Haunted? Taking a look inside Kenyon College

Most would agree that living by the lake is most enjoyable in the summer months, but other seasons offer their benefits to lake homeowners as well-- especially here in Knox county, Ohio. Especially during this time of the year. Especially on Halloween.

Just a few miles into Gambier we have the historical Kenyon college-- a respected liberal arts college-- being recognized as one of Ohio’s top schools.

While Kenyon offers plenty to do and see for students and non students alike, it is HAUNTED-- well, you can be the judge.

This quaint little college in a tiny little town is holding a few skeletons in its closet and whether you are superstitious or not, you can’t deny the commonalities between decades of stories told by those who have first hand accounts.

There are several stories that are tightly or loosely based on truth. Here are a few of our favorites.

Lewis Hall

It is reported that a student who died at the hands of himself actually turns lights on and off in this building. Others claim that toilets flush on their own and if you sit and listen, you can hear knocking as if on a door.

Bolton Dance Studio

what we know now as the dance hall used to be a pool referred to as the Greenhouse because its glass ceiling gave it the resemblance of non other than a greenhouse. It is said that lifeguards in this building used to run to the rescue of an alleged distressed swimmer only to see that the splashing was nothing and there was no one in the area. One swimmer is alleged to have broken her neck on the high dive causing her to dive. Reports still indicate that the modern studio is still haunted. Dancers will see wet footprints on the floor and hear the showers turn on and off on their own.

Old Kenyon

Perhaps the most tragic of all events to have happened at Kenyon was the fire of 1949. Nine men were killed in this blaze and are said to linger still to this day. There was a 2017 account of a young lady who was reduced to sleeping with her lights on in her dorm because when she attempted to fall asleep the first time, she felt and saw what appeared to be a burnt arm wrap around her in her bed. She was paralyzed in fear.

There are several more accounts just like the three mentioned above. But it’s really up to you if you want to believe them or not. There are tours conducted that show all the haunted buildings and give the accounts of those who claim to have been haunted. If a spooky tour doesn’t tickle your fancy, you could always stop at the Village Inn for a nice IPA or the coffee shop on the corner for toasty warm dark roast.

Happy Halloween...

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