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Moving? Tips!

Have you recently purchased a new home or you/re getting ready to move? If so, have you considered creating a checklist to help you remember items that you might otherwise forget? We have compiled a list that you can use when packing up for destination happy place. Add to it or edit it to suit your needs!

Organize and purge- Go through each room and decide what you need at your new house and what you don’t. Consider donating the items you no longer need. Not sure if you’ll need it eventually? Pack it up in a marked box and after a year, revisit the box and if you haven’t needed it or used it at all, toss it. Refer to this “Spring Cleaning” post for more detailed information. If you're looking for a house cleaning service, you should look here. 

Changing Address- You will need to change your address. The first thing we recommend is to change your address with the Post office. When any mail comes to you with a yellow label on it, contact that business to change your address with them. We also recommend to personally change your address with government agencies such as the BMV. This can be done via their website or at any of their office

Begin Packing- start packing up rooms and items. Obviously don’t pack items that you will need to use in the day or two before the actual move. Make sure to label the box with the contents and also the room in which the items will be placed.

Sitter- Do you have children? No children but pets? Both? Consider asking a friend or family member to watch over your pets and/or children while you do the final packing and moving. A lot of stress can be alleviated by making sure this is taken care of. A lot of people will willingly offer up help when it comes to moving, and this is a great way to utilize them.

Turn off Utilities- Make sure you arrange a “shut off date” with your gas, electric, and water companies. You don’t want to be paying unnecessarily.

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One Last Walk Through-  After the last item has been placed in the moving van or your personal vehicle, take one last look around. Maybe you’ll desire to go alone and reminisce through each room. Affirm you’ve gotten everything and close the door; You’re on your way to your happy place.

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