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What are the Price Ranges of Homes at Apple Valley Lake?

Prices of Homes at Apple Valley Lake -- Beautiful homes await you at Apple Valley OH

If you’ve been thinking for some time about buying a property in Apple Valley, NOW is the best time to buy. Apple Valley Lake is one of the top 7 lake destinations here in Ohio. You might be considering having your second home here and might be wondering about the price ranges of homes at Apple [...]

What Are the Fees at Apple Valley Lake, Ohio?

*** Noted as of 2020. Fees may change without notice. Always check with the AVPOA for the latest updates, corrections or changes. 740-397-3311

Apple Valley Lake is one of the best lake destinations here in Ohio. You might have been here and are seriously considering owning property but might be wondering 'What are the fees at Apple Valley


What Kinds of Fish Are in Apple Valley Lake?

Apple Valley Lake is a favorite destination among anglers. It is a clear lake with an average depth of 30 feet. Apple Valley Lake is well stocked with a variety of fish [...]

7 Top Ohio Boating Lakes

Apple Valley Lake Homes For Sale

7 Top Boating Lakes in Ohio
With lake and lakefront living becoming more important to people because of the opportunities it gives them and their family, it is important to know about some of the best Ohio lakes that offer the best lake living experience. When most people think about Ohio lakes, they instantly think about the great lakes [...]

Weather at Apple Valley Lake and things to do every season!

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Apple Valley Lake Ohio Weather

Before purchasing an Apple Valley lake home, people often wonder exactly how much use will be gained from it beyond the dog days of summer. Being in Ohio, I know the weather doesn't always align with the vision most have of summer lake living but whether it is a vacation home or a permanent residence, owning


Lakefront Homes at Apple Valley Lake, Ohio. How to secure one!

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One of the most popular questions I receive is” Where are all of the available Apple Valley Lakefront Homes for sale?”

In 2006 when I started selling homes at Apple Valley, we were fortunate enough to have 15-20 homes on the water to choose from at just about any given time. Waterfront cabins that were priced at 200k all the way to luxury [...]

Apple Valley Vacant Lot Inventory, All Time Low. What To do!

In my career, I have never seen the vacant lot inventory so low at Apple Valley Lake, Ohio. Only 5-7 years ago, I remember 40-50 lots for sale in the winter time. In the summer, we would see it reach up to 70-80!

There is the good and bad that comes with this. The good; It will increase the average sale price (off the lake, no view) from the [...]

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