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7 Tips for Buying Apple Valley Lake OH Homes for Sale

Apple Valley Lake Ohio Homes For Sale

Buying a home can feel daunting under “normal” circumstances, and it might feel even more overwhelming during a pandemic.

So here’s the good news: while a few details in the buying process have changed, the overall process remains the same. However, it will help to be prepared to make the right purchase and make your dream home a [...]

21 Things You Need To Know When Buying a Waterfront Home in Apple Valley Lake

Waterfront Home in Apple Valley Lake - One of life's most compelling dreams is living in a waterfront home in Apple Valley Lake.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live near a body of water? Living in a house on the water's edge is one of life's most compelling dreams.

However, the reality check is that buying waterfront property can be more complex than buying land elsewhere.


When buying a waterfront home, extra due diligence will help you choose the best deal available among the homes for sale at Apple Valley [...]

Water View Homes for Sale in Apple Valley Lake OH

Apple Valley Lake, OH - Relax with the refreshing feel of the surroundings in Apple Valley, Ohio.

One of the best things about living in Apple Valley, Ohio is the refreshing feel of the surroundings. 

As a private community resting aside a beautiful lake, Apple Valley Lake, OH, offers the best environment to live in for all ages. Not only that, but its residents get to have a view that matches nothing [...]

Fun Time at Apple Valley Video 2 | Apple Valley Lake Edgy Side!

Take a look at the "other side" of Apple Valley! More than just CHILL!! 

Looking to get a place at the lake, give us a shout! 844-411-LAKE or text us at 740-390-0735.



If you want to see the first half of the Apple Valley fun video, click here. Want to find a home on a lake? Come along, and we'll show you all the sights in Apple [...]

934 Kingsway Circle - 3D WALK THROUGH

Virtually walk though this beautiful custom Farm house type home!

934 Kingsway Circle

Click the photo below for the 3D tour. 


Click here to see a video tour of our lovely new listing lake view beach house.

Learn all there is to know about throwing open the doors to the lake house by perusing our blog.  [...]

Our Favorite Plant And Flower Nurseries In The Area

Groovy Plants Ranch Address: 4140 County Rd 15, Marengo, OH 43334, USA Phone number: +1 740-675-2681 Website:  What people are saying:  “The staff was friendly and helpful whenever I asked them questions. I loved my visit here!” – Lorie “I live three hours away but I would gladly keep driving to Groovy Plants Ranch because it is so amazing. I love the collection of hard-to-find cacti, succulents, and herbs.” – Heather “The Groovy Plants Ranch is a must-visit for anyone who loves houseplants, succulents, and annuals. The owners of the greenhouse clearly put time and effort into the nursery.” - Kathy

Are you ready for bathing suit weather?

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The weather is still cold and we are still experiencing record low temperatures, but there is sunlight on the horizon. Literally. The summer is coming and the gradual lengthening of the days will mean more than a reprieve from an intense Ohio winter. It will mean shorts, swimsuits, and days spent swimming at the lake. 

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