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21 Things You Need To Know When Buying a Waterfront Home in Apple Valley Lake

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live near a body of water? Living in a house on the water's edge is one of life's most compelling dreams.

However, the reality check is that buying waterfront property can be more complex than buying land elsewhere.

Waterfront Home in Apple Valley Lake - One of life's most compelling dreams is living in a waterfront home in Apple Valley Lake.

When buying a waterfront home, extra due diligence will help you choose the best deal available among the homes for sale at Apple Valley Lake. 

To accomplish that, you need to hire the most reliable Apple Valley Lake real estate agents who are experienced in selling waterfront properties.

Luckily, my husband and I have more than two decades of real estate practice. And we will help you get the waterfront house of your dreams!

Waterfront homes are very enticing. They are also one of the most complex types of real estate on the market today. Many homeowners have hesitated from purchasing waterfront out of fear they won’t be able to afford to maintain it.

If you're thinking about buying a lakefront home on Apple Valley Lake in Ohio, here are a few things to know in advance.

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1. Is It Worth Buying Waterfront Property?

Properties on the water's edge are worth more than ones located inland. Waterfront properties sometimes require a higher initial investment, but the long-term financial appreciation is significantly greater.

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The high demand for lakefront properties and their limited supply drive a great potential for appreciation. #AppleValleyLakeOHHomes #TothAndTeam #LakefrontLivingAtAppleValleyOH

— Apple Valley Lake Toth and Team (@AppleValleyLake) September 15, 2021

2. Does Waterfront Property Appreciate Faster?

Waterfront homes tend to increase in value more than offshore homes. If you find one for a fair price, you'll most likely make a profit when you sell. Furthermore, waterfront properties have higher rental prices and are generally in high demand.

3. Is It Worth It to Hire a Real Estate Agent?

When you’re looking for Apple Valley Lake, Ohio houses for sale, hiring an experienced real estate agent is critical. Why? Our main job is to represent you and ensure that you receive the best possible offer.

You should also make sure you pick a real estate agent who specializes in lake properties. My husband and I live full-time on Apple Valley Lake, and I will always go above and beyond for you. Get to know us better here!

Apple Valley Lake Waterfront Homes for Sale - When buying a waterfront home in Apple Valley Lake, extra due diligence will help you choose the best deal available among the homes for sale.

4. What Are Waterfront Features?

A waterfront is defined as land or a dock area directly adjacent to a body of water such as a river, lake, or ocean. In our case, it is the waterfront homes at Apple Valley Lake.

5. Are Home Inspections Necessary?

Before you buy and move into your new home, a home inspection will give you a fair idea of what you're getting yourself into. A professional inspection can assist you in figuring out what you're up against.

With a waterfront property, your inspector will complete surveys, elevation certifications, water quality testing, and other land and water-based assessments that are usually unnecessary on a typical house.

6. Do Waterfront Properties Have Additional Charges

Apple Valley lakefront homes for sale frequently might come with extra costs that buyers aren't always aware of. Possible costs to inquire about if the dock might need a boat lift added.

What are the fees at Apple Valley Lake?

7. How Do I Choose a Waterfront Home?

First, you must determine your financial situation. You may already have an idea of what you can afford, but crunching the numbers and getting pre-approval or getting a proof of funds letter for cash offers are the first steps. 

Your agent will be able to narrow down your search to specific houses and lot sizes once you know the exact size of your budget.

Waterfront Property - There are a few things you need to know in advance if you're thinking of buying a waterfront property.

8. What Will You Do With Your Lake House?

Do you intend to live in your lake house all year, or is it just a weekend getaway? Are you interested in turning your lake house into a rental property?

If you're prepared to live there for all four seasons, then your requirements will be much more substantial than someone who is only searching for a summer retreat.


9. Are Waterfront Homes More Expensive?

The cost of purchasing a waterfront property is typically higher than an offshore home. It also requires more upkeep than your typical property.

10. Does a Lake Add Value to Your Home?

A valued view of a lake or ocean, according to, can increase a home's value by 75 percent to 100 percent.

11. You Will Be Buying More Than The Property

When purchasing waterfront property, keep in mind that you are paying for amazing views, the convenience of access to the water, the quantity of water frontage, and a range of other factors.

Lakefront homes are in high demand and sell for their unobstructed views of the water. #AppleValleyLakeOHHomes #TothAndTeam #LakefrontLivingAtAppleValleyOH

— Apple Valley Lake Toth and Team (@AppleValleyLake) September 15, 2021

12. Is It Worth Living at a Lake?

Apple Valley Lake real estate is usually more valuable than non-Apple Valley Lake residences. 

While the initial cost will be higher, a lake home typically has a higher potential for appreciation. Lakefront homes tend to hold their value better when the real estate market dips.

13. Research The Body Of Water

When buying a waterfront home, it's a good idea to perform some in-depth study on the body of water.

Waterfront properties are typically more expensive and have higher taxes. If you want to buy a boat to use on Apple Valley, make sure you know the length and motor size limits.

The depth and size of the lake may also be necessary to some people.

14. Inquire For Loans in Advance

Many waterfront properties are more expensive than other properties, jumbo mortgages are frequently used. As a result, lenders will only consider buyers who are well qualified.

Buyers should start that step before looking for a home because it can take much longer than a traditional home loan.

15. Consult the Locals

A waterfront house buyer might learn a lot about the neighborhood by casually talking with a couple of the neighbors.

Residents of a lake community can share information about potential downsides in the area and the benefits of living there.

Apple Valley Homes for Sale - Call Joe and Sherrie Toth today at 740-390-0735 if you need a professional agent on your side in buying an Apple Valley home for sale.

16. Understand the Laws and Regulations

Waterfront property regulations might be strict for some people. Unlike a state-owned lake, Apple Valley Lake has rules and regulations. This encompasses everything from construction limitations to boat size restrictions.

Before you acquire lakefront property, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have access to the water nearby?
  • Are there any boat speed or motor size restrictions?
  • Is it possible for me to build a larger dock on the water?

Here’s the link to the Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations of Apple Valley Lake.


17. Flood Free Area

Apple Valley is not in a flood zone as other lakes in Ohio might be.

18. Examine Utilities and Amenities

It's essential to keep in mind that getting utilities to a home can be more costly than you expect. If you plan to build, don't forget to account for this expense in your budget.

Most of the lots for sale at Apple Valley Lake include all necessary utilities and amenities at the road for your convenience.


19. Is The Home Built to Withstand The Environment?

There's no guarantee that the builder of the home built come to Ohio code standards.

You should employ a home inspector to look over the house and advise you of any problems.

A good home inspector will tell you if the house was built and maintained throughout the years.

20. Understand Your Responsibilities as a Waterfront Property Owner

Determine whether your home will be part of a homeowner's association (HOA) or a property owner's association (POA).

If you've never had an HOA or POA before, you can be limited in what color you can paint your house, what kind of fence you can put up, and if there are setback restrictions.

21. Understand the Investment You’re Making

Waterfront properties tend to appreciate more than inland properties, making them a good investment.

So, if you can find this type of home for a reasonable price, you're in good shape (as long as you buy at the right time).

Although no investment can be guaranteed, lakefront property is an investment with a view, and that's something worth betting on.


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Apple Valley Lake Waterfront Homes for Sale


Final Thoughts

Buying a waterfront house differs significantly from purchasing a three-bedroom home on a residential street. Before buying a waterfront home, you must assess several factors.

You'll need a professional agent on your side if you're looking for an Apple Valley home for sale. Joe and I will make sure that every dollar you spend on your waterfront home is well spent.

Please get in touch with us at 330-388-6293 or 740-390-0735.

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