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Don't Make These 17 Mistakes I Did When Buying a Home in Apple Valley Lake, OH

Buying a house is perhaps one of the most thrilling moments of your life. It's where you'll raise your children, celebrate Thanksgiving with your extended family, and make a lifetime of memories.

So, it’s not surprising that many homebuyers make mistakes. You will save money and avoid stress in the long run if you make an effort to avoid these typical mistakes.

Home Buying Process - Buying a house is perhaps one of the most thrilling moments of ones life.

A common mistake is falling in love with the first property you see and failing to look at others.

Another common dilemma is signing paperwork without properly reading it or having everything double-checked by your Apple Valley Lake real estate agent.

When you fail to avoid these mistakes, it transforms delight and enthusiasm into exhaustion and regret.

You may find yourself second-guessing your judgment because there are so many things to consider and options to make. Many home buyers are so excited about buying a new house that they forget to plan or get the necessary help.

Here are some frequent mistakes Sherrie and Joe Toth recommend avoiding when buying a home to guarantee a smooth experience!

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What Should You Not Do a Year Before Buying a House?

You should not be a spendthrift and do not fail to watch your credit score a year before buying a house, or else you may not qualify for a mortgage.

Be financially prudent in the weeks and months before applying for a house loan. This will boost your chances of getting approved and qualifying for a reduced interest rate. 

Remember that your down payment isn't the only upfront cost associated with purchasing a property. Closing expenses typically range from 2% to 5% of the loan amount.

What Should You Not Say When Buying a House?

To get ahead of the competition, you need to create a good impression for the seller. The property viewing is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

Noticing something you like (or dislike) can make you say many things, some of which you may later regret.

The sellers are typically not at a showing. But, the sellers might have audio and video surveillance. Always assume there is. Speak with your agent in the car or later on the phone.

While you may (and should) always be honest with your Apple Valley Lake Ohio REALTORS®, you might not want to be so open with the sellers (or the listing agent working for them).

Why? What you say can—and will—be used against you, just like on "Law & Order."

What Is a Low-Ball Offer?

A low-ball offer is significantly less than the seller's asking price or is purposefully too low to begin discussions.

Lowballing also refers to intentionally putting out a lower-than-reasonable offer to see how the seller reacts.

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What Are the 17 Most Common Mistakes That Homebuyers Make? 

A home purchase is by far the most personal of all the investing decisions you'll make in your life. It's no surprise that buyers are ready to jump into the real estate market as soon as they understand they have the financial means to do so.

However, given this is likely to be the most expensive purchase you'll ever make, it's critical to organize your objectives and avoid costly mistakes.

Home Buying Mistakes - Its not surprising that many homebuyers make mistakes due to the overwhelming and daunting homebuying process.

1. Neglecting to Save Money

Saving early allows you to contribute more money and earn more money from savings accounts through interest. At the very least, you'll need cash upfront to cover your down payment and closing charges.

2. Buying a Home That Is More Expensive Than You Can Afford

It's wonderful to be pre-approved for a larger loan than you planned, but that doesn't mean you should borrow that much money.

Buying a more expensive home than you can afford might cause stress and make it challenging to fulfill other financial goals.

3. Buying Without a Long-Term Strategy

Investing in real estate is a significant financial commitment, and you want to ensure you remain in the game long enough to establish equity.

Your first home doesn't have to be your permanent home, but having a long-term strategy will help you choose a property that suits your needs.

Avoiding Home Buying Mistakes

4. Professional Roles Aren't Fully Recognized

Many people are involved in searching for, locating, and buying a house. Real estate agents, loan officers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, appraisers, and other professionals fall into this category.

It's vital to understand each of these experts’ role in the home-buying process. It's easy to have unreasonable expectations or make errors if you remain unclear on their roles.

5. Lying on Your Loan Application

When you’re filling out your loan application, it's natural to want to sound as financially stable as possible. However, it is fraud to lie on a loan application, and it may have legal consequences.

You could have your loan reversed, lose your home at any moment throughout the mortgage term, or even go to jail. Do not attempt to twist the truth in any way, and it isn't worth the risk.

6. Buying a Home During a Major Life Transition

If you know you'll be graduating, getting married, or changing jobs in the next few years, don't plan on buying a property simultaneously.

Not only will it add to your stress, but it will also raise red flags for potential lenders due to financial instability and high expenses.

Avoiding Home Buying Mistakes - You will save money and avoid stress in the long run if you make an effort to avoid the typical home buying mistakes.

7. Choosing to Ignore Special Loan Programs

Seeral government lending programs are available to help buyers get their foot on the property ladder.

Many potential purchasers are either unaware of these programs (VA, FHA, and USDA loans), believe they do not qualify, or do not bother to look into them.

8. Not Getting a Home Inspection

Home inspectors examine a home for serious structural problems, necessary repairs, and the condition of included appliances.

Their purpose is to ensure that the house is habitable and that everyone understands the house's condition before the transaction is completed. If you skip a home inspection, you could end up with a money pit of a house.

9. Assuming You’re Familiar With the Local Market

Sherrie and Joe Toth, top REALTORS® in Apple Valley Lake, Ohio, can provide a local comparative market analysis (CMA) to help you with your offer letter and negotiations.

10. Opening a Line of Credit Just Before Buying 

Before approving your final loan, the underwriter will run the last credit check on you after placing an offer on a home. New credit inquiries or lines of credit may impact your mortgage total and rates, delaying the closing.

11. Low-Balling

Making a low-ball offer on a recently listed home is a surefire way to lose your chances on a home. It will only encourage the sellers to look for a counter-offer.

Your Apple Valley best real estate agents can help you understand the market and make a reasonable offer.

12. Choose a Local Agent

A local REALTOR® will know the best areas, schools, and facilities in the area. For their clients, a local agent will always have helpful information at their clients at their fingertips.

Sherrie and Joe's Lake Team lives, breathes, works and plays Apple Valley Lake! They can assure you of having a niche and PASSION for the lake living lifestyle!

Treat meetings with agents as if they were job interviews since that's how they function. Keep in mind that the individual will work for you.

Talk to friends who have sold homes and had positive experiences with their agent, and attend open houses to see how that agent interacts with others.

13. Taking the Extra and Hidden Costs for Granted

Buying a house isn't just about the money you put down upfront; it's also about the money you have to pay after that.

Find out how much your property taxes are, your water bill, consider HOA dues and fees associated with Apple Valley, and how much a typical energy bill is in that home.

14. Buying the First House You See

Many people, especially first-time homebuyers, make the mistake of falling in love with the first house they see.

To understand the comparable homes in that price range, you should look at at least three more properties in the neighborhood.

However, there are exceptions when the area is low on inventory and the demand for housing is up.

Buying a Home in Apple Valley Lake - When looking for a home in Apple Valley Lake, there are many factors to consider, but if you make these mistakes by accident, you might lose a lot of money and regret it later.

15. Ignoring the Neighborhood

A house is one thing, but the neighborhood is located quite another. A particular house can so enthrall many a homebuyer that they overlook the neighborhood or area in which it is located.

16. Failure to Get a Pre-Approval

Obtaining a mortgage pre-approval should be one of the first steps on your path to homeownership.

A pre-approval letter from a bank specifies the maximum amount of money you can borrow, allowing you to set a maximum purchase price for your property.


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A home purchase is by far the most personal of all the investing decisions you'll make in your life. It's no surprise that buyers are ready to jump into the real estate market as soon as they understand they have the financial means to do so.' width=



17. Feeling Uncertain

Lastly, it is not the ideal moment for you to buy if you are unsure about a home, an offer, your real estate agent, or your financial condition.

Before you go into a contract with a home, you must be sure that you make the best decision for yourself, your family, and your finances.

The Bottom Line 

When looking for a home, there are many factors to consider, but if you make these mistakes by accident, you might lose a lot of money and regret it later.

Don't get carried away with the thrill of finding "The One." Don't do it if you have your heart set on making an offer before visiting the inside or learning vital information about the home!

You must first determine the property's condition; otherwise, you may experience more than just buyer's remorse!

Of course, if you want more advice or would like help finding your dream home in Apple Valley Lake, OH don’t hesitate to call Sherrie and Joe Toth at 740-390-0735 – we’d love to help!

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