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Rock Painting! The New Craze

Rock Painting: The New Craze!

Who knew that such a simple, inexpensive time passer would become the latest and greatest craze?!

Painting rocks!

Maybe you’ve found some hidden in a public place or along a path at the park. Or maybe you’ve painted a box full and have strategically placed them for others to find! Regardless, finding and hiding these “gems” is certain to brighten your day and it’s quite the relaxing hobby that can be enjoyed alone or with others no matter what age you are.

The options are endless. You can paint little critters, sceneries, people, or even a lakeside or lakefront landscape like the ones shown below:

Painted rocks can serve many purposes such as for decorating, paperweights or gifts. But what we seem to enjoy is the painting/hiding/finding/rehiding purpose! On Facebook, there are many public pages where you can post the rocks you find. It’s even cooler if someone discovers a rock that YOU personally hid.

Here are some directions on how to get started with this fun pastime!

Painting and Hiding your Rocks!

  1. Find some rocks! - You can use driveway rocks or stones right from your backyard! Craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby also carry smooth, black or grey stones that are inexpensive. **Remember that if you are not permitted to take stones from state parks and most other places like that. Keep in mind the parks’ motto: “Leave only footprints and take only pictures.”

  2. Paint!- wash your rock and let it fully dry and then use an acrylic paint to create any design of your choosing! The options are endless. Google it. You’ll see! Let dry overnight.

  3. Seal your Rock!- Using a clear outdoor sealer, spray your rock to protect it from the elements.

  4. Hide your Rock!- You may hide your rock so that others can find them! If you belong to a Rock forum, they may have extra suggestions as to where you may or may not hide your rock or what you can do to track where your rock has been.

  5. Have Fun!- It’s refreshing to see others having fun like this. Have fun with it and make it special for all involved.

We are still searching for our rock that someone painted and hid inside of our office

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