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Decorating Your Apple Valley Lake Home

Whether you’re enjoying the city life or living the lake life at Apple Valley Lake, you can decorate your home in such a way that makes you feel like you’re living at the lake regardless of where you’re physically located.

The following items are just SOME ideas that you can use in your home to give it that Lakeside feel.

Most of these items can be done for pennies on the dollar or better yet, FREE!

Please post pics of YOUR lakeside decor and share below!

Wooden Paddles- Do you have any of these laying around? Are they collecting dust in your basement or attic? Perhaps you’ve seen them at yard sales or secondhand shops. Don’t pass these up! You can paint them and distress them and hang them in your bathroom or in your living room. They definitely can add a lake feel to any room.

Homemade wooden signs- These little gems can be made using any leftover wood. You can stain the wood or paint and distress and then add on whatever sayings you want. Here are a few just to give you an idea:

These signs can hang just about anywhere: on your dock, on your porch, the bathroom, the guest room, the list goes on!

Circular Mirrors- Mirrors can be found at almost ANY garage sale or thrift shop. Just because you don’t like the border, don’t pass this up! You can always repaint it! Circular mirrors are great additions to your lake home because they give off a nautical feel.

Clocks- if you have a clock that doesn’t serve its original practical use, consider attaching it to a plant stand and using it as a small side table for your porch or living room. While this isn’t necessarily “lake” decor, it definitely is a cool upcycle idea.

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Canoes- Canoes that aren’t able to be used on the water any more can certainly be upcycled. I’ve seen them turned into anything from a small, contained garden to a shelf. The possibilities are endless. Google search “upcycled canoes” and explore! Talk about a definite lake feel addition to your home.

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Light Colors- Nothing makes you feel more like you’re in your happy place than light colors. Light blue, white, warm yellow and light shades of gray all give a cool, ever-summer feel to your home. Try a white base (walls, floors) and splashing bits of color via pillows and rugs. If you’re gonna go dark in color, do it with purpose. Creating a rustic look can’t happen on accident. It needs to be done with a calculated mind; otherwise, it will seem stuffy and will give the opposite feel of what you’re going for.

What have you seen recently that gives your home or someone else’s home that Lake feel? Comment below and share some pics!


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