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Spring Clean at the Lake!

Well, it is the middle of May here in beautiful Apple Valley Lake and we are JUST finally starting to experience some Spring-like weather.  This means that we can open doors and windows and let the breeze infiltrate our lake home once more.

This also means that most of us have a few spots in our homes that need a thorough Spring cleaning.  And with the Apple Valley Garage Sales coming up (May 27-28), you won’t have to throw EVERYTHING away and you can make a couple of extra dollars.

In case you’re having trouble getting started, we’ve compiled a list of ten things you can do to effectively Spring Clean your lake home or at least get you started.


  1. Get rid of junk you DON’T NEED-  And this tip is two fold: There’s trash and there’s treasure.  If it’s trash, GET RID OF IT.  If it’s a possible treasure to someone else, set it aside to sell it at a garage sale or an online site like Ebay.  If it’s ruined or broken and can’t be fixed, toss it.  Possible treasures to someone else might be old magazines (especially National Geographic), clothes, books, jewelry, memorabilia, old or unused electronics ( and some other sites like and Will actually pay you for your old electronics). Other items like old toys, games, and simple little nick nacks are wanted as well.  DON’T FORGET ABOUT UNWANTED TOOLS!
  2. Wash your baseboards-  Imagine all that gunk that has accumulated on the baseboards: old mop water, shoe scuffs, spilled drinks, food etc.  This is like getting a pedicure-- most people won’t see it or notice, but you will and it will feel great.  Magic erasers are probably the best to use on baseboards. And get this, you can buy them for a fraction of the cost at the dollar tree right down the street in Mt. Vernon.

  3. Clean the kitchen cupboards- This can be as simple as what you did for the baseboards.  So stock up on those Magic Erasers.

  4. Wash the windows- And don’t just do the insides.  Make sure you get the outside as well.  If you have tall windows that you can’t reach or you just don’t care to even get into a project like this, Toth and Team recomends Mint Condition (419) 957-4663.

  5. Dust Dust Dust!- Dust all surfaces that you can. Remove items and get all the nooks and crannies.  Don’t forget about the top of your fan blades.  Those things can collect some major dust.  A simple trick we learned a while back was to take a pillow case and actually insert the fan blade into the case and rub the dust off that way.  You’ll save yourself an extra step by not having to clean up a table or floor full of fan dust. The pillow case makes it convenient by acting as a little dust catcher.

  6. Clean out Pantry and Fridge- That’s right! Make that stuff sparkle.  But in order to do that, you need to remove all items and toss the ones that are past their expiry date.  If you get confused by the “use by and best by” directives, check out this link for more details: the difference between use by and best by.

  7. Hand scrub the floors- Ok. You don’t have to be that crazy. But seriously; clean those floors better and more thoroughly than you have during the winter months.

  8. Wash the dishwasher-  You heard me!  Run a load without the dishes.  But first, clean out the drain and make sure there’s no excess food in there.

  9. Clean out the microwave- Add some lemon juice to a microwave safe bowl of water and cook for 2-3 minutes.  When it’s done, you should be able to wipe it clean with a rag.  And no harsh chemicals!

  10. Have Fun- Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring or just plain drudgery.  Slap on some tunes and enjoy making your Lake Home look its best.


Now that the house is all clean, is it time to sell? If so, call us for a no obligation consultation. 844-411-LAKE (5253)

or email us at:

Do you have any tips or tricks?  We’d like to hear about them.  Put them in the comment section below!


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