Sales by Month at Apple Valley Lake Since 2015

Sales by Month at Apple Valley Lake Since 2015

The Best Time to List Your Home for Sale

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Real estate is a complicated jumble of the best time to sell, the best time to buy, the most important features in a home, the least important features, and on and on. All of these questions depend on several factors, most notably, the area of the country in which the homes are located. The various communities may include those located in the desert, those in warm climates, those in cold climates, those near lakes, in popular tourist areas, in family oriented neighborhoods, college towns, and many others.  

One of the most popular types of communities such as Apple Valley Lake  is one located near bodies of water, especially lakes. Lakes are tranquil and do not have the highs and lows that are often found in ocean side communities. Homes for sale in the Midwest have the advantage of the four distinct seasons. ATTOM Data Solutions determined that May and June are the best months to sell a home in the Midwest, and May is the best time to sell overall. According to their data, the month of May produces the largest number of homes sold above the estimated market value, but they also concluded that June 28 was the optimal sale date because it had the absolute highest number of homes sold that exceeded market value. 

Lake communities, specifically, may see the best time to list a home as during the warmer season. That is when potential buyers can see all of the potential benefits of living on or near a lake. The water sports, outdoor activities, and spectacular views are generally the main inducements for lakeside living. For active, adventurous people, this can be an answer to a dream. The potential for rest and relaxation abound. Having no cars passing in front of the window is enough to make this lifestyle appealing. 

The real estate market in lake communities, particularly, often sees some of the best sale prices. What is there not to like? These homes are sound investments. Even if buyers want to purchase before they are ready to occupy it, they can look forward to excellent resale value. It also has wonderful rental potential. Place a lakefront home on the Airbnb site, and they have a nice passive income that can serve them well for many years - perhaps until they are ready to live there permanently themselves. 

The Midwest is becoming a sought-after market because more people are concerned with the ability to afford a home. Those sellers with single- family detached homes will find a ready market, but other properties, like attached homes and other high-density neighborhoods, are becoming more and more popular as well. These properties are especially attractive to first-time home buyers or senior citizens looking for less expensive areas in which to live. 

The ups and downs in home values, of course, have to be considered in terms of the overall economy. Many of the Midwest states still have some of the most affordable housing markets in the country. While spring has always been the standard bearer for putting a house on the market, there are pros and cons to be pondered. People who look for a home to purchase during winter months are usually serious buyers. They are willing to brave the elements, so they may be working against a deadline. In addition, there may be less competition because other sellers may be waiting for spring. On the plus side, even though there is more competition in spring, families who need to be in a home before school starts are generally serious buyers, as well. 

Home values are influenced by a number of factors. The comparative prices of similar homes in the neighborhood are often the best indicators of what a seller can expect. Because the features of the homes in the area are different, adjustments must be made in order to arrive at a fair value. The location of the home is also critical. Whether the region boasts excellent employment opportunities, wonderful schools, and/or proximity to sought-after amenities, all of these dynamics will help analyze the potential value of a home. Next, in importance, is the size of the home. Families require larger quarters than a single person or a couple, so if the home is large enough to comfortably accommodate family living in a residential neighborhood, it is more highly desired. Generally, the newer the home is, the higher the appraisal. Buyers do not want to have to worry about outdated electrical systems, plumbing, or leaky roofs even though the home passes a professional inspection. 

The first thing sellers should do when thinking about selling their home is to locate local real estate agent that know the market and the community well! .Our team (Toth and Team) is familiar with the Apple Valley Lake market.  We will lead you through the various ways to get the most money for your home. We will coach you on how to spruce up curb appeal, if necessary, and to free up any space that is cluttered so that the home shows well. If there needs to be any touch ups, like removing scuff marks, repainting, freshening the home, or making repairs, we will explain how this can help the sale. 

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