The air outside is starting to cool down, and the leaves are starting to change, this can only mean one thing, BOAT SALES! That’s right, now is one of the best times to buy a boat. We are very lucky to be blessed with two awesome marina’s located in the front and the back of Apple Valley.

            Pier 36 Boats has been a family run business for many years and sits right in the front entrance. Neil Williams is the man behind your entire boat repair and maintenance needs and Anna Williams is the woman you want to talk to about new and used boats. Listed below is their information and link to their Facebook page. Check them out or stop in and see what kind of deal they can make you today.

Pier 36 Boats


          Next on the list is Apple Valley Marina. Located in the back of Apple Valley and is run and maintained by Apple Valley Property Owners Association. The man behind Apple Valley Marina is Beaux Hord. Another great feature that Apple Valley Marina has to offer is that they have marine fuel, which is great for your boat and it sits right on the water so you don’t have pull your boat out to fuel up. Listed below is the link to Apple Valley Marina’s information. Feel free to click on the link or stop in and see them.

Apple Valley Marina