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IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Karen Buchwald Wright

by Sherrie Toth

So here’s a typical conversation I find myself in quite often:


“So, where are you from?”


“Apple Valley.”


  --Blank Stare--






“Um, Apple Valley, you know, near Kenyon College?  Central Ohio?”


“OOOHHH! You mean Apple CREEK?”


“No, I mean Apple Valley LAKE. Just east of  Mount Vernon.”


“Oh, gotcha!  Mount Vernon; I know exactly where that’s at.”

People are always familiar with Mount Vernon.  Even if they’re not familiar with Apple Valley-- Knox County’s best kept secret.  So while I’m super eager to speak the praises of OUR quaint little town, I figured that starting with Mount Vernon is probably the easiest segway.


When you do a little digging on Mount Vernon, Ohio--so as to be more knowledgeable about our neighboring city. And, like any other scholarly search, I started with Google.


My search brought up about 12,000,000 hits.  I immediately went to Wikipedia; it normally has other links within its article that will lead me to other places.


But what I found in this internet encyclopedia, grasped my attention immediately.


Underneath Mount Vernon’s rich history, and picturesque geography, there was one name that stood out to me:


Karen Buchwald Wright.  The only female under the heading, “Notable People.”  


I was intrigued.  I clicked on her link and I found more than just a name.  I found a humble, quiet, philanthropic, person.  Someone who’d rather go without than let the people around her fail.


Karen Buchwald Wright is the president and CEO of the Ariel Corporation, which manufactures gas compressors and is responsible for employing over 1,200 people in the Knox County area.  She took over the business from her father in 2001 and the company has taken off in the years since.


In 2009, Ms. Wright started the Ariel Foundation which was crafted to improve the quality of life for the residents of her hometown, Mt. Vernon.  And through this foundation and the generosity of her own heart, Wright has given to just about every cause/charity that one could muster up in their mind, specifically the parks, arts, and education.


One of her latest projects was the Ariel Foundation Park. An incredible 250 acre Park built on the former Pittsburgh Plate Glass manufacturing plant. Visitors will be able to enjoy lakes, woods, trails, picnic areas, a bike path, an events center, a restored railroad depot, historic ruins, terraced landscaping and more


She may earn well above the median income in her area, but she doesn’t parade it with flashing lights.  In fact, she rarely attaches her name to these donations or projects. Out of the kindness of her heart, she gives.


If you ask us, her name should be first on the list of notable people.


Central Ohio-- Home of Apple Valley Lake (not Apple Creek) and home of our blog’s first “In the Spotlight,” Karen Buchwald Wright.  




DRONE: 5 Fairway Court Golf Course Front!

by Sherrie Toth

Super cool perspective of our 5 Fairway Court Condo on the beautiful Hiawatha Golf Course in Mt Vernon, Ohio! Also see our 5 Fairway Court Full listing




The Historic Mount Vernon and its Homes!

by Sherrie Toth

Historic Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is located among the rolling hills and valleys of Central Ohio in Knox County. It serves as the county seat, and is home to some of the state’s most beautiful historic areas. Mount Vernon was founded in 1805 and was named after George Washington’s plantation. Today, it is a wonderful place to visit and tour the many buildings and homes that date back to the early 1800s.

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Downtown Mount Vernon Historical District

 Downtown Mount Vernon officially made the National Registry of Historic Places in 2012. The Historic Downtown District surrounds the public square and extends along South Main Street. You can see an Italianate influence in the surviving buildings of this area along with examples of Greek Revival, Federal, Queen Anne, Richardsonian-Romanesque, Colonial Revival, and Art Deco architecture.

 The Downtown District was originally the city’s commercial district. It is now an anchor for three more residential districts that are also on the National Registry of Historic Places. This includes the East High Street Historic District, the North Main-North Gay Streets Historic District, and the East Gambier Street Historic District.

 Original architectural features still exist on many of the buildings. These structures date as far back as 1829. To expand on the historic feeling of the area they have lined the streets with ornamental trees and flower beds. Decorative street lamps resemble the gas lamps the city once used. These charming touches give visitors a sense of being in a 19th century Ohio town. Quaint shops, restaurants, and a Civil War era monument found in the public square make Mount Vernon’s historical districts a pleasure.

East Gambier Street Historic District

 In 1976 the East Gambier Street Historic District was added to the National Registry of Historic Places. This is the smallest of the historic residential areas in Mount Vernon. Here guests will find numerous examples of Italianate and Greek Revival designs. Many of the homes here date back to 1835 to 1860. Several local celebrities have called this area home. The United States senator Jesse B. Thomas, newspaper publisher Lecky Harper, and the Cooper and Curtis families all lived here.

 Among the most noted historical homes in this district is Wolverton House. Located at 106 East Gambier Street it resembles the large antebellum plantation homes of the South with a gabled roof and iconic columns. Stamp House at 401 East Gambier Street is an 1840’s Federal style house with beautiful gardens that are maintained by the current residents. Across the street is Vance House. This was the home of the retired sea captain S.A. Vance. Built in 1860 it has a Gothic Revival style.

East High Street Historic District

 Mount Vernon’s East High Street Historic District was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1987. Large shade trees line the streets, many of which are paved in brick. This area began in 1805. Many of the existing buildings found here date from 1830 to 1925. The former Mercy Hospital, the Knox County Courthouse, and the Knox County Memorial Building are included among the non-residential properties.

Residential properties include Columbus Ewalt House at 400 East High Street. It was built in 1906. It was the home of the prominent Judge Ewalt until his death in 1942. The house became a nunnery in 1947. The McIntire House was built in 1874 in the Second Empire style by Alfred R. McIntire with its unique mansard roof. An apartment building was built in the 1840s. It was named The Capitola. In the early part of this century it was divided and moved to three different locations. The central piece is still considered The Capitola while the East and West wings are now private residences.

North Main-North Gay Streets Historic District

 Finally in 1990 the North Main-North Gay Streets Historic District made the registry. The buildings dating between 1820 and 1925 are found along tree lined, brick paved streets. Visitors will find that many of the original carriage houses still stand. They’ve been converted into modern garages to be used for cars rather than horses.

 The Israel House was built here in 1838. It was the home of Samuel and Elizabeth Israel as a one and a half story home. Samuel was a brick mason who studied law and eventually found work as an attorney. Round Hill is located at the end of Lamartime Street, and it is the most elite Mount Vernon residence. It was constructed in 1850 with an Italian Villa Style. The home has a 50 foot long parlor with a bay window as well as a marble floor entry way with 17 foot ceilings. The dining room was designed to look like Theodore Roosevelt’s.

The Knox County Historical Society

 Anyone wishing to visit Mount Vernon’s Historic District should begin their day at the Knox County Historical Society. They are located at 875 Harcourt Road two miles Southwest of the public square. The Historical Society Building houses many exhibits designed to help one understand the area’s history. Guided tours of the historical homes and buildings are also available. They are open Thursday through Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00pm and on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

 As visitors explore the building they will find exhibits on business and industry as well as the people of Mt. Vernon. Antique household furnishings and quilts are on display as well as toys from years past. Local military history is also covered. Mount Vernon’s involvement in the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, and the Civil War are all memorialized at The Knox County Historical Society. The society hosts many special events and monthly meetings that are free and open to the public for those wanting more information on Mount Vernon’s historical past.

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Knox County

by Sherrie Toth

Knox County, located in the heart of Ohio, is home to about 60,000 residents. This peaceful, small-town region features beautiful, rolling scenery, historical attractions, tranquil biking and walking paths and many local parks. There are several communities in Knox County, including Mount Vernon, Apple Valley, Gambier and Fredericktown.

 Mount Vernon is the county seat and largest city. The downtown area has undergone extensive renovation in recent years and now features many different attractions, such as the Woodward Opera House, which opened in 1851 and is currently being restored, and the Schnormeier Art Gallery operated by Mount Vernon Nazarene University. There’s also an annual Christmas parade and First Friday celebrations every year from May to October with art, shopping and activities for children. A new 250-acre green space, Ariel-Foundation Park, is scheduled for completion in 2015 and features woods, lakes, biking and walking trails and spots to hold picnics.

 Apple Valley Lake, located near the unincorporated community of Howard just a few miles from Mount Vernon, is the center of a master-planned resort community. Residents can take their boats out onto the lake for relaxation, and, if they wish, to go fishing. The lake is the home of a diverse array of fish species, including both large- and small-mouth bass, catfish, crappie and others.

 The village of Gambier is fairly small, but it serves as a major intellectual center of the region. Gambier is perhaps best known as the home of Kenyon College, the oldest private college in the state of Ohio and one of the top 50 liberal arts colleges in the United States, according to U.S. News and World Report. Kenyon’s presence brings major cultural and sporting events to Knox County. The college and the village are bisected by a path known as the “Middle Path,” which takes walkers past some beautiful historical buildings.

 Fredericktown is another small village with lots of culture. This one-time frontier town features a museum that houses many items of historical importance from Fredericktown and the surrounding area. Also, the Fredericktown Recreation District Education and Nature Center is a 57-acre nature preserve with 2 miles of walking trails and many different animals, flowers and trees to observe. The Tomato Show and the Christmas Walk are two of the major annual events observed by residents of Fredericktown.

 Despite the bucolic beauty and small-town charm that can be found throughout Knox County, those who live here aren’t far from major population centers: Columbus and Cleveland are both less than two hours away by car. This makes it the perfect location for those who want to experience living in a small town without feeling too isolated from the outside world. With its rich history, its scenic beauty and its strong sense of community, Knox County is a great place to settle down and raise a family.

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