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21 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Selling

by Forbes

Don’t just list it without any advance preparation. A few minor touch-ups can go a long way towards making a favorable impression on potential buyers — and perhaps cinching a deal.

“Put your buyer’s hat on and walk thru your home like it is the first time,” says Marilou Young, an Accredited Staging Professional and an Associate Broker with Virtual Properties Realty in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

“Make notes on what you, as a buyer, would notice,” Young advises, “and then repair or replace those items.”

Some of her top recommendations include getting rid of clutter, hiding family photos, cleaning out closets, removing excess or oversized furniture, and cleaning.These tips are among the 21 top ways to prepare your home for a sale. Let’s look at the others:

 Clean, clean, clean. Dust on top of the fireplace mantle and fan blades, polish your appliances and faucets, and give the windows a thorough washing. If you’ve already moved out or if you’re too busy to stay on top of things, consider hiring a cleaning service to stop by every couple of weeks.

 Pay attention to smells. “Don’t cook bacon in your home the day of a showing,” advises Rachel Weinberg, a broker at Wright Kingdom Real Estate in Boulder, Colorado. “Although it might taste great, the smell is strong and lingers for a long time. You don’t want your home to smell like a fast food restaurant!”

Clear out the clutter. You want buyers to focus on how awesome your space is, not how messy it looks. Banish that piles of shoes from the entry, that stack of mail from the kitchen table and anything else that detracts from your home’s gorgeous features.

Repaint the walls neutral colors. As much as you love your dramatic red dining room, it could turn off a good portion of your buyers. So repaint your rooms in neutral tones like tans and whites that allow buyers to focus on the spaces themselves, not the color of the walls

Keep the décor simple. To help buyers imagine themselves in your space, get rid of any art or other décor that might turn off people with different tastes. A classic landscape painting? Totally fine. Your zebra print leather couch? Might want to slipcover that for showings.       

Get rid of personal items. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in your home, so remove anything overly personal, like family photos in the hallway or your kids’ artwork on the fridge.

Let there be light! Open up all the windows to let in natural light and add floor or table lamps to areas that are dim. A bright, cheery room looks bigger and more inviting.

Bring nature inside. Potted plants or a few pretty buds in a vase can help bring energy into a space, fill in empty corners and even draw attention to features you want buyers to notice. Just make sure the plants are in good health (and bug-free!).

Get rid of bulky furniture. Your furniture should fit the scale of the room, so get rid of any extra or oversized items that could make your space look smaller than it really is.

Organize your closets. Storage space is a huge selling point, and if your closets are stuffed to the    brim, buyers will think you don’t have enough of it. Invest in some boxes, dividers and other solutions that will help you make your stuff look more organized, and remove extra items you don’t need immediately (you can stow them away until you move).       

Tackle that honey-do list. All those little things you’ve been meaning to do but never got around to? Buyers will notice them, and they’ll detract from the value of your home. So set aside a weekend to tighten those loose doorknobs, fix that leaky faucet and paint over the scuffs from when you first moved in your sofa

Do a faux “renovation.” Little tweaks can make a big difference in the overall feel of a room. Kitchen a little outdated? Replace the fixtures, faucets and hinges. Family room furniture beaten up? Throw some slipcovers over it.

 Give each room a purpose. That spare room you’ve been using as an office/guest room/dumping ground won’t help sell your home unless you show buyers how they can use it themselves. So pick a use (office, guest room, crafts room) and clearly stage the space to showcase that purpose.

Turn the bathroom into a spa. Create the feel of a relaxing, luxurious bath — for less than $30. Stack a few pretty washcloths tied with ribbon, add some scented candles and faux plants, and buy bath mats and towels in coordinating tones such as light green, blue and white.

Close the toilet! When it comes to both showing and photographing your home, this little trick can make a surprising difference.

Turn the living room into conversation central. Help buyers picture themselves relaxing with family and guests by grouping your furniture into arrangements that inspire conversation.

   Keep the flow going. The last thing you want is people bumping into furniture as they tour your home; it disrupts their focus and makes your space look cramped. Do a dry run as though you’re seeing your home for the first time and tweak anything that interrupts the “flow.”

Make something yummy. Realtor's don’t put out fresh cookies at open houses just to treat buyers; a “homey” smell like baking cookies or bread can help people connect with a kitchen. Not a baker? Fake it with a scented candle.

Make it look “lived in” with vignettes. Help your buyers see themselves in your home by adding deliberate vignettes that showcase how your home can be lived in. An inviting armchair and a tray with a coffee cup and book can turn that empty corner into a reading nook. Pretty soaps in a decorative tray can make your tiny half-bath more appealing.

Highlight focal points. Draw buyers’ eyes towards any special features with bright colors or accents like plants. A pop of red throw pillows can draw a buyer’s attention to that lovely window seat. A striking fern on the mantle can show off your fireplace.

Boost the curb appeal. Don’t spend all your time indoors. More than one buyer has decided not to even enter a home based on its curb appeal, so make sure your home’s exterior looks excellent. Trim your shrubs, weed your flower beds, fix any peeling paint and keep the walkway clear. Just adding a row of potted plants along the walkway or a cheerful wreath to your front door can make a big difference.

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse over Apple Valley Lake? Go away Clouds!

by Ali Stewart

We at Apple Valley Lake Ohio are wishing the clouds away so we can see this beautiful site this evening! Check out the details and how rare this event is...

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 2015: Full ‘Blood Moon’ Information


The night of September 27th will not be like any other night for residents across much of North and South America. It will feature a lunar eclipse, supermoon and harvest moon all at the same time.

The moon that night will be the first full moon in Luna Eclips over the oceanSeptember, and is also the full moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox. That is why is gets the name Harvest Moon. It is also referred to as the Full Corn Moon. The Native Americans named it this because it marked when corn was supposed to be harvested.

The full moon on the night of September 27th will also be considered a supermoon.

But what is a supermoon?

It’s a new or a full moon that occurs when Earth is at its closest point in orbit, or perigee. Supermoons typically have larger than usual tides and could sometimes appear bigger in size. The moon will appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than a apogee moon. (When the moon is furthest away) The moon will actually be 31,000 miles closer to earth. The moon may appear brighter and more orange shortly after sunset.

After sunset around any full moon in any month, the moon will always appear near the horizon and usually will have an orange tint. This is because you are viewing it through a great thickness of atmosphere when it’s close to the horizon.

When looking towards the horizon, blue light will be scattered and will allow red light to pass through your eyes. However, supermoons are not all that rare. In total, there were 6 supermoons in 2015. But what makes this night so rare?

Red Moon during a Lunar EclipseThis all comes at the same time as a total lunar eclipse. The last time this happen was 1982. The total lunar eclipse will be visible for most of North and South America.

Lets hope the skies stay clear this night for prime viewing purposes because the next time this will happen will not be until 2033.

About to Hit the market today! Toth and Team - Apple Valley Lake Team!

by Sherrie Toth

Super, cute lake house cottage with 2 lots hitting the market later today! Located at 398 Northern Spy Circle across the street from a common lakefront area that has lake access! Only $144,444 - stay tuned for more information.





When To Buy a Boat?

by Sherrie Toth

            The air outside is starting to cool down, and the leaves are starting to change, this can only mean one thing, BOAT SALES! That’s right, now is one of the best times to buy a boat. We are very lucky to be blessed with two awesome marina’s located in the front and the back of Apple Valley.

            Pier 36 Boats has been a family run business for many years and sits right in the front entrance. Neil Williams is the man behind your entire boat repair and maintenance needs and Anna Williams is the woman you want to talk to about new and used boats. Listed below is their information and link to their Facebook page. Check them out or stop in and see what kind of deal they can make you today.

Pier 36 Boats


          Next on the list is Apple Valley Marina. Located in the back of Apple Valley and is run and maintained by Apple Valley Property Owners Association. The man behind Apple Valley Marina is Beaux Hord. Another great feature that Apple Valley Marina has to offer is that they have marine fuel, which is great for your boat and it sits right on the water so you don’t have pull your boat out to fuel up. Listed below is the link to Apple Valley Marina’s information. Feel free to click on the link or stop in and see them.

Apple Valley Marina


Highly Ranked Public Course in Apple Valley, Ohio

by Sherrie Toth


We are very familiar with the awesome lake that Apple Valley has to offer, but how many people know about the award winning golf courses minutes away from the water? That’s right; Apple Valley Golf Course is located right inside Apple Valley and has received numerous awards in the past as well as this year. Not to long ago, The Golf Channel came out and filmed Apple Valley Golf Course to highlight this beautiful golf.

            In 2014 Apple Valley was ranked number four by Golf Advisor in the Top 20 courses to play in Ohio. They also made the list for the 25 best Golf Course Condtions in the US. Apple Valley was one of only two courses in Ohio to make that list.

            There are so many great things that bring people to Apple Valley, weather you’re an avid boater, love to lie on the beach all day, or a die-hard golf fan, Apple Valley has everything you are looking for. Apple Valley is the most perfect place for a second home, retirement home, or a nice quiet area to raise a family.


Feel free to click on the links to check out the Golf Advisor Site to read more about Apple Valley Golf Course

“Look! In the sky, it’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no it’s……..  A DRONE!”


            Some of the best parts of Apple Valley, Ohio are the three different beautiful family and pet friendly beaches. Everyone has their favorite and I am no different. Just recently, my husband and I took out our drone and shot some amazing video and still shots of Davis Beach. Davis Beach is right in the middle of Apple Valley lake and has some of the most amazing views of the lake.

Shooting video and still shots of our favorite beach is not something we just do for fun, it’s also just one of the many out of the box features that Toth & Team offer when selling your home though us. Check us out on our YouTube Channel and see some of our awesome videos and drone videos.


Davis Beach Drone Video

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