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Maiden Voyage quadcopter - LAKEFRONT

by Sherrie Toth

Apple Valley Lake - Lakefront - 145 Green Valley Maiden Voyage of our new quadcopter! For all the lakefront listings at Apple Valley Lake

Toth and Team does it different! Always a step ahead, so our sellers shine!

844-411-LAKE (5253)



2016 Home and Garden Shows

by Sherrie Toth

Home and Garden Shows, 2016

Home and garden 3.jpg 

Spring is around the corner and that means we can watch that beautiful Apple Valley Lake fill up and dream of the beauty of Summer.  


One of the perks of cruising Apple Valley lake during the warmer months is looking at all the gorgeous homes that outline its perimeter.  Knowing that folks are scanning your backyard gives you all the more reason to spruce it up and give it that “curb appeal” so-to-speak.  Besides Pinterest and all those other fantastic information- spewing websites, one of the best places to visit is one of Ohio’s Home and Garden shows.  Here, at these shows, you will find ways to make your home look its best. You might also be interested in innovative things such as green technology to enhance the efficiency of your Lake Home.

Many home and garden shows have come and gone! In fact, some are going on NOW! Check out this list and mark one of the dates on your calendar!

home and garden 2.jpg








Central Ohio- Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show

    Dates- February 20-28, 2016

    Find us on- Twitter and Facebook


North Central - Ohio Building Industry Association

     Dates- April 8th- 10th, 2016

    Located at the Historic Ohio State Reformatory


Central Ohio- Home and Garden Show and Holiday Fest

    Dates- September 9-11, 2016

    Find us on- Twitter and Facebook


Southwest Ohio- Cincinnati Home and Garden Show

    Dates- March 2-6, 2016

    Find us on- Twitter and Facebook


Akron/Canton- Home and Flower Show

    Dates- February 26-28, 2016

    Find us on- Facebook


There you have it!  If you find any more that we have not listed, comment the information below.  Also, comment what you are looking for at these shows and anything new and interesting you may find after you attend.


Bennett Park- Apple Valley Lake Ohio

by Sherrie Toth

Video Tour of Bennett Park


Embracing Winter, Beat The Blues

by Sherrie Toth

Embracing Winter, Beat The Blues


The holidays are over.  The days are shorter. Our boats are wrapped in “Saran wrap” and the Lake Living Lifestyle we know and love is only a memory.  And while we’ve had a rather mild winter, it seems that Spring and Summer aren’t even in our line of sight yet.  Coming to the realization that we are in the dead of winter can bring about some undesirable effects such as:


  • Fatigue

  • Boredom

  • Weight Gain

  • Excessive sleep

  • Not enough sleep

  • Loss of interest in being around people

  • Loss of interest in activities that would normally be interesting

If you can identify with the majority of the items on this list, don’t reach for the phone and call your doctor just yet; you’re not alone.

While all of the aforementioned items are associated with depression, they too, are clear signs of what is referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) or the winter blues.  S.A.D. affects about 10-20% of Americans-- the majority of the affected being from the more northern regions of the United States.  Although the symptoms are less than pleasurable, they tend to dissipate once the Spring and Summer months arrive.

How does this happen?  


It is suggested that because our days are shorter, we have less exposure to sunlight; this has been linked by scientists as causing a biochemical imbalance in the brain.  For whatever reason, (one that is being studied currently) our brains are very sensitive to bright light--specifically sunlight.  When we have less of it (as in the winter months) it can have adverse effects.  Even digging deeper, the less light we are exposed to, our brain waves change.  The more they change, the less likely we are to enter into deep sleep at  night- which we all know--can cause major cranky days.

How do I treat this?

  1. Phototherapy- Phototherapy or light treatment is the use of extremely bright lights to treat those with mild depression.  This particular treatment comes in the form of boxes which are prescribed for a set amount of time and/or a certain time of day.  Possible side effects include headaches and eyestrain.

  2. Tanning- You've probably heard that regular tanning has been prescribed in the past to treat depression in the winter months.  This should only be a treatment if it’s something YOU want to do.  Tanning beds haven’t been proven to provide the right type of light-replacement to our bodies and they pose a cancer risk.  An alternative, doctors suggest, is vitamin D supplements.

  3. Vitamin D supplements- Vitamin D in our bodies is actually a byproduct of exposure to natural sunlight.  It is also found in certain types of fish, egg yolk, fortified Dairy (red cap milk), and fortified grains.  Deficiency in this vitamin hasn’t necessarily been a proven cause of depression, but Doctors have more reasons to believe it does than not.  If you’re feeling a little blue, taking a vitamin D supplement certainly won’t hurt you.

  4. Exercise- Get your heart pumping!  Exercising helps produce those “feel-good” endorphins in your brain.  Plus, going to a gym or some other workout facility might help you meet other people like you!  Once you go once or twice, you might start to feel that blueness fading away.

  5. Eating right- And, no-- I don’t mean “diet.”  We don’t even say the D word.  Eating right is simply putting into your body the nutrients necessary to be healthy and thrive.  If you’re constantly feeding your brain sugar and all sorts of other junk, your brain is going to feel like junk.  Eat to live-- don’t live to eat.

  6. Medication- S.A.D. has been proven to fade quickly and most medications take one-two months to fully kick in anyway.  If you’ve tried everything on this list and even more and you still don’t feel better, you might consider talking to your doctor.snowyoga-w.jpg

  7. 7. Yoga and meditation- Yoga and meditation might look passive on the outside..but on the inside, it has many uplifting benefits. These ancients practices have been known and proven to assist with state of mind while improving balance, tone, flexibility and more!

  8. Also check out our Blog, Winter can be an Adventure for other ideas of what to do in the winter at Apple Valley Lake.


Get out of the blues and look for a lake home! Call the Apple Valley Lake Team, Toth and Team, to help with that! 844-411-LAKE (5253)

Email us at [email protected]


**Disclaimer: This information in this post are for informational purposes only.  I am not a doctor and am not certified to give prescriptive advice.  If you or anyone you know suffers from depression that lasts longer than a week or two, please call your doctor.




Toth Giveaway! BODY BEAST by Beach Body

by Sherrie Toth


Get ready for BEACH and BOATING weather!

We got our hands on a brand new Body Beast by Beach Body

We will have a random drawing for this kit. Closes out on 2/29/16 and winner announced by 3/14/16

To be eligible:

1) LIKE the Facebook post that was published on 2/14/16 about this contest  POST HERE

2) TAG one or more of your local friends the post. POST HERE


Other fine Print - stuff we have to note...

One random picked winner will be announced by 3/14/16 on this post and our Facebook page. This promotion is in no way associated with or endorsed by Facebook. Winner will have to be able to come to our office just outside Apple Valley Lake to pick up their prize (located at 22021 Coshocton Road Howard, Ohio 43028). Must be 18 years or older. Inappropriate comments will not be tolerated -Will be reported to Facebook and banned - yada-yada.. One entry per person. That's it!

Ways to rack up savings via Apps!

by Sherrie Toth

You’ve bought your gorgeous new home and like a lot of people,  your finances might be a little tight. Whether you’re in Columbus, Akron, Florida, Apple Valley Lake or the Mount Vernon area, you can benefit from these fun and simple money-saving tips.


  1. Ibotta-  This is an easy- to- use app for your smart phone.  All you do is sign up, and then choose your store (Kroger is one of them!) and then start to rack in the savings.  For example, if you choose Kroger, you will see all the items on which you can earn cash back.  When you “unlock” these items, you either submit a receipt after purchase, or link your loyalty card to receive credit.  Once you accumulate 25 dollars, you can cash out using Venmo, PayPal, or you can choose a gift card. Follow this link to join my team and start saving TODAY.  You get ten dollars just for using my referral code:

  2. OnGo- OnGo is another app for your smart phone.  Download it from your app store and you will be sent surveys based on your pre-survey information.  Surveys will pay an average of 1.00/ survey.  I was paid 100 dollars to do a restaurant survey.  You can cash out at 30 dollars with your PayPal account.

  3. On this website, you can print coupons right from your computer.  You just need to enter your zip code and download the coupon printer app.  This is an easy way to save without having to buy the Sunday newspaper.

  4. Receipt hog- This is a fun way to turn your receipts from every day shopping into cash.  Simply scan your receipts via the app on your smartphone and watch the points turn into cash.

  5. Checkout 51- Just like Ibotta, Checkout51 offers you cash back on your groceries.  Simply unlock the items that you want and then scan your receipts.  Once you reach 20 dollars, you can cash out.

  6. Cartwheel- If you’re like me, you’re a sucker for anything Target.  I like Target for many reasons, but one main reason is that they’re always looking out for our wallets.  Target is one of the only stores that will let you “stack” coupons.  Stacking is when you can use a manufacturer’s coupon alongside a store coupon.  Target has an app called “cartwheel.”  All you do is check the items that you want and then scan your smartphone at the register.  These cartwheel deals can be stacked with a manufacturer’s coupon AND a store coupon for TRIPLE the savings.

  7. MobiSave- MobiSave is yet ANOTHER mobile phone app.  Simply check the items you’re ready to buy and scan your receipts after your purchase.  You can cash out via PayPal.

  8. SavingStar- This is another app for your smart phone. All you need to do is check the items that interest you, purchase the items and scan your receipts.  This also works online.  If you click the retailer from the SavingStar website, you can earn cash back just as you would via the app.

  9. Inbox Dollars- This is an online rewards club that pays money for your opinions.  Simply play games, take surveys, spin the daily wheel, or check your email to receive real cash.  this takes awhile to accumulate dollars, but it’s worth a couple of seconds per day of your time.


We might have to revisit this topic again in the near future, because making extra pennies is easier than ever with the advancement of technology. Enjoy!




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