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Brian Ickes has always enjoyed doing maintenance and upgrades for people.  As someone who is more of a “behind-the-scene” type of person, Brian has found his place in owning and maintaining Apple Valley Storage and Plaza.


“My brother, who lives in West Virginia” saw me working on rental houses and said I needed to do something for myself.”  Awhile back, Brian’s brother found a commercial property for sale in the area and approached him about doing this in conjunction with his other work.  That was the moment that Brian knew he wanted to give owning his own business a shot. And what we know as Apple Valley Storage and Plaza was reborn.


Brian loves doing maintenance and upgrades for his tenants and storage customers-- he finds it much more comfortable than just sitting in an office behond a desk.  And as tenants of Brian’s, Joe and I can say that he truly does care of about his customers. In fact, by the time this article is published, Brian will have had the entire Plaza’s parking lot repaved.  It’s the little things and it makes us as tenants feel that Brian cares enough about our businesses to go above and beyond.


Alongside our, RE.MAX Consultant Group Toth and Team's office, Brian’s other tenants include Media Partnership, Antiques Salon, Indulgence Cafe and Dominos-- as well as the many happy customers he serves through the storage company.


Other than his tenants, Brian says his family has also been very supportive in his ventures.  Not only does he manage these current businesses, but he has also been a hull maintenance in the Navy aboard the USS Frederick LST 1184, he was a welder and a supervisor for the Union Tank Car Company and he currently works with Genuine Hardwoods in the procurement department and he does maintenance work for B&K Shamrock.  


Brian is a busy man. You can always find Brian cleaning, fixing and updating something at the plaza and storage area!  He does an excellent job putting in the work to ensure his customers are a priority.  And Joe and I iare personally very grateful for that.

To reach this amazing local business owner toinquire about future rental space, you can reach Brian at 740-397-1324:

22021 Coshocton Road Howard, Ohio 43028


Catch Of The Month (Mayl) - JB Painting LLC

by Sherrie Toth

JB PAINTING LLC. Earning Customers Business, For Life. 

When Justin Stephens was 16 years old, he wanted to do something different.  So, during the summer, he took up painting. He enjoyed this not only because it was out of the ordinary for someone his age, but he also enjoyed making houses look nice and neat.  He eventually turned his love for painting into a business (JB Painting, LLC.) because he enjoyed his art as well as the relationships he built with his customers. Prior to painting, Justin did have other customer service jobs, but he said his heart belonged in painting.  

Part of being a business owner means that you have to take care of not only your customers but also your employees.  Justin says he loves being the coach of his team and that he has a great group of guys who work for him. Being able to trust and depend on his team allows Justin to spend more time with customers making each job more up close and personal.  

JB Painting may not be the only painters to choose from, but they are special and unique from other businesses in their field because they really do take extra steps on each job to ensure that things are done right the first time and to make sure that their finished product lasts as long as it possibly can while looking its best for as long as it can.  Their secret to success is treating each job and customer as an individual, and communicating the entire process with their customers along the way. “We like to make sure they understand what we’re doing and why at every turn.” JB Painting wants to be known as the painting company that goes the extra mile and takes no shortcuts.

Apart from his work like, Justin has a beautiful wife, Ashley at home as well as three kids.  As if his work ethic wasn’t good enough, Justin loves to pay it forward. He enjoys doing the unexpected for people such as purchasing their meal, their coffee, or giving surprise gifts.  


If you or someone you know is interested in having quality paint work done, look no further than JB Painting.Joe and I have had personal experience with Justin over and over again. He is our go to painter! His work is just beautiful! We have never been disappointed.


Contact Justin and his team at 740-507-0584

or Check him out on Facebook HERE

Catch Of The Month (April) - Indulgence Cafe

by Sherrie Toth

As  a young girl, Patricia George was taught to bake. Although she spent many years as a server, she would bake for friends and family on the side.  But owning her own business was always a strong desire.


With some faith and prayer, she and her husband Daniel found an empty spot-- the perfect place to put their dreams into action.  “We knew this was the place,” Patricia said. And what the community knows as Indulgence Cafe was born.


“Indulgence Cafe is a place for people to be happy, to be together, and to enjoy all the good things we have to offer. Whatever I feel like baking for the day, that’s what I do,” Said Patricia.  “I don’t have the same routine; it’s always changing.”


We have stopped in several times and let me tell you, they certainly do have a lot to offer. I personally tried the peach muffin. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It had the look of a muffin but it had the texture of the best and most moist cake you have ever had! The outside was crystallized sweet goodness! Whatever your desire is, you’ll likely be more than fulfilled. Indulgence serves anything from a simple cupcake to gorgeous cinnamon rolls.  You can also enjoy a scoop or two of the amazing and local Velvet Ice Cream, a cold beverage like a frappe or a traditional cup of fresh coffee. My favorite is the Mocha Latte with just a touch of mocha. Yes, they serve it up your way!

Currently, Indulgence is looking to get local artists to display their artwork and greeting cards.  Comfy seating is also on the list! If you’re looking for something to do on a Saturday, the cafe also hosts open mic nights where customers can listen to the sounds of the locals while sipping on coffee or enjoying whatever Patricia has baked for the day. For more details about events and pictures of their stunningly beautiful offerings, visit their Facebook page here

One of the George’s favorite things about owning their own bakery is seeing the smiles of customers who enjoy their baked goods.  The couple is personable to each guest who comes in. “We love Apple Valley,” they said.  “We couldn’t be happier.” The George’s put their heart into everything. Joe, myself and many others can attest to that!! Stop in and give it a try! You wont be sorry one bit!

You can find Indulgence Cafe in the same plaza we are located in. They are just outside of Apple Valley lake in the white plaza.  

22021 Coshocton Road Suite C Howard, Ohio 43028


Catch of the Month (March) - The Bad Apple Pub

by Sherrie Toth

    The Bad Apple Pub

There is nothing more inviting or reassuring of repeat business than an establishment that serves killer food and treats its customers like family.  Our March Local Catch, The Bad Apple Pub does exactly that and it does so consistently.

Steve and Niki McCurdy saw the Apple Valley area as an opportunity.  They saw potential and a place where their years of experience could flourish.  After jumping on the opportunity to come to this area, They took over the current location at 22001 Coshocton Rd in April of 2013, remodeled it and opened on July 9th, 2013.

The McCurdys have done just about every job imaginable in the restaurant industry; it’s basically all they’ve ever done-- and it shows because they do it well. But at the end of the day, getting to know all the different people they meet everyday is their favorite thing about their job. “The one thing we love more than any other is the relationships we develop with our crew and guests.  We have made lifelong friendships with the people who have worked with us and people we have served over the years. There’s nothing like watching some of our favorite people’s families grow.”

Apart from their “you’re like family” service, the McCurdy’s have what they call their “calling cards”-- items that sets their business apart from other bars/restaurants in the area.  One of those calling cards is their half pound specialty burgers which is crafted using locally purchased beef from Lanning’s Food and is one of nine of their burgers that all have unique, impressive flavor profiles. Yum!  Their second “calling card” is their wide variety of entertainment.  Whether it’s a band playing in the summer outside on their patio, a wine and painting night, pool leagues, dart leagues, The 4th of July Cruise-in or one of their hosted fundraisers, there is something that most will enjoy.  And finally, their amazing crew would be their third “calling card.”  “Our crew is an awesome group of people who ARE our family.  They are what we’re best known for.”

From the food to the service, the Bad Apple Pub is part of what makes Apple Valley so special and centered around bringing people together.  Even their logo was designed by local artists, Mo and Kelly Dallas who approached the McCurdys with the idea after they heard they were looking to open at their current location.  So if you haven’t already, stop in and grab a drink a craft beer and one of their burgers and become part of the family!  


Stop by or give them call for take out!  740-392-3326! Their address is 22001 Coshocton Road Howard, Ohio 43028!  Located easily by GPS!

Check out the website HERE


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Catch of the Month (Feb) - Howard Hilton

by Sherrie Toth


Howard Hilton


If you’re looking for a fun place to relax and enjoy the best burger around on a  pretzel bun, some delicious fries, or a beer, look no further than Joe and Sherrie's February local Catch Of The Month, the Howard Hilton. " The Hilton" is located at 23379 Coshocton Rd. I'm telling you, this little hidden gem will surely exceed your expectations. Its only a mile or so just east of Apple Valley Lake.

Back in 2010, Larry and Chris Wolford received an offer to lease “Hut’s Place” -- an offer they could not pass up.  Up until that point, Larry had always wanted to own a bar/restaurant, so when this opportunity came, he jumped on it. Life took a few twists and turns and what started as a leasing opportunity with partners ended up as a chance to purchase the place outright and with that came the new name the “Howard Hilton.”  As of August 2017, Larry has been the sole owner and he and his wife are enjoying serving up food and drinks to the regulars and those who are just passing through.


People can easily find the Howard Hilton, but they find it hard to leave.  And one contributing factor to that is the fact customers find it a comfortable place with a great atmosphere.  The bar is “nothing fancy,” according to the owners but people just love the place, the warm friendly people and the amazing food.  When asked what their secret is, Chris said, “Respect,”  Oh, and awesome burgers!  Speaking of “awesome burgers,” they are always fresh and never frozen.  Pair that with some of their fresh-cut fries and you would have to force us to leave too!  Other popular items on the menu include the Cod, fried bologna served on the famous Pretzel Bun and the “Fish Bowl” drinks.  The owners truly do take pride in their food and drinks.  But food and drinks is not the only thing that sets the Howard Hilton apart.  Customers also have the opportunity to participate in the ever popular “Queen of Hearts” drawing (which reached $173,000 last August) and an annual Spring Golf outing the third Sunday in July.


Apart from the amazing menu, Chris and Larry added a T-Bar, High Top Tables, two concrete patios and seven flat screen TVs-- all to ensure the customers “enjoy their time at the Howard Hilton.”  Admittedly, the couple says their favorite service to provide their customers is simply “making sure they are happy.”  


Joe and I just personally can’t say enough about this place. The service is always on point and the food always exceeds our expectations. We love to belly up to the bar and enjoy Taco Tuesdays and other evenings that we slip in for some great conversation, perfect service and the BEST burgers in town. Larry and Chris will go out of their way to say hello and check on us as well as their other guests. The staff is talented at what they do, fun and take good care of their patrons.

** Don't forget to seek out Marie and ask her what her tap of the month is or what it's going to be next!


Howard Hilton's Facebook page for daily specials HERE

Want to call  in an order for pick up? You can! 740-599-2337


If you haven't seen it, check out our January Catch of the month! 


** Photos by Tori Toth & Marie Puluso



Catch Of The Month - Lakeside Barber and Shave Parlor

by Sherrie Toth

  Lakeside Barber and Shave Parlor


 In 2014, Apple Valley residents Jason and Jamie Huffman had a vision-- a vision that they wanted to make a reality.  This vision became Lakeside Barber and Shave Parlor-- something the couple said seemed like a need for Apple Valley.  “We wanted to be Apple Valley’s best kept secret, a destination shop for Knox County, and a hometown shop for Howard and Apple Valley.”  

    When asked what makes their shop stand out from other shops that specialize in some of the same services, Jason said, “We throw time out the window.  We step BACK in time.” He goes on to say that, “we are about creating the experience, not just the cut.


 The Huffman’s have quite the resume, too. They may be new to the barbershop field, but they are no strangers to managing, owning, and coaching. Between the two of them, they have owned restaurants, a commercial cleaning company, they’ve  managed businesses and Jason currently coaches third and fourth grade girls’ basketball for East Knox.


When asked how easy it was running a business with his wife, Jason laughed and said, “easier than running our home!”  Combined, the couple has 10 kids: three each and four adopted-- nine being girls. “But Jamie is great,” said Jason. “ I met her at school. Her passion to be a full service barber is amazing.  People always say we make a great team.”

Their vision isn’t done yet.  The couple has hopes and goals for 2018 and beyond.  “We are hiring in 2018.  We want a second location somewhere in Knox County.  A small spot with several barbers. We would also like to one day see the entire Pier Plaza be really cool with all kinds of great service type  businesses. We are also anxiously awaiting more space in our unit to add more services to our business.”



We HIGHLY recommend stopping in! Grab a soda, beer or water from the fridge and relax. Prepare to be pampered and get to know the Huffman's and their loyal clients. You are definitely made to feel special here! You wont regret the service or experience! 




Lakeside Barber and Shave Parlor is located at 21735 Plank Rd. in Howard! Behind the new Town Center.


Phone: 740-485-3887


Email us: [email protected]




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