Home and Garden Shows, 2016

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Spring is around the corner and that means we can watch that beautiful Apple Valley Lake fill up and dream of the beauty of Summer.  


One of the perks of cruising Apple Valley lake during the warmer months is looking at all the gorgeous homes that outline its perimeter.  Knowing that folks are scanning your backyard gives you all the more reason to spruce it up and give it that “curb appeal” so-to-speak.  Besides Pinterest and all those other fantastic information- spewing websites, one of the best places to visit is one of Ohio’s Home and Garden shows.  Here, at these shows, you will find ways to make your home look its best. You might also be interested in innovative things such as green technology to enhance the efficiency of your Lake Home.

Many home and garden shows have come and gone! In fact, some are going on NOW! Check out this list and mark one of the dates on your calendar!

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Central Ohio- Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show

    Dates- February 20-28, 2016

    Find us on- Twitter and Facebook


North Central - Ohio Building Industry Association

     Dates- April 8th- 10th, 2016

    Located at the Historic Ohio State Reformatory


Central Ohio- Home and Garden Show and Holiday Fest

    Dates- September 9-11, 2016

    Find us on- Twitter and Facebook


Southwest Ohio- Cincinnati Home and Garden Show

    Dates- March 2-6, 2016

    Find us on- Twitter and Facebook


Akron/Canton- Home and Flower Show

    Dates- February 26-28, 2016

    Find us on- Facebook


There you have it!  If you find any more that we have not listed, comment the information below.  Also, comment what you are looking for at these shows and anything new and interesting you may find after you attend.