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Apple Valley Lake surprise in Tennessee

by Sherrie Toth

My parents went to Tennessee and visited the Gaylord Opryland hotel and resort and came back with a pretty cool story that includes Apple Valley Lake. Thanks Ma!


The Opryland Hotel opened its doors to guests in 1977.  Originally, the hotel was built to support the Grand Ole Opry. It had 580 guest rooms and a ballroom. 

The hotel became a hot spot destination and in 1984, it increased its size to accommodate another 480 guests and also added a convention center and a Garden Conservatory. The atrium featured over 10,000 plants and flowers. 

Keeping up with demand, in 1988 another 2 acres and nearly 800 guests rooms were added!  Another Atrium was built that included  a beautiful 3.5-story waterfall with over 8,000 tropical plants.

In 1996, A 4.5-acre expansion adding 1,024 guest rooms, 10 meeting rooms and a 57,000-square-foot ballroom was added. The incredible main feature of this addition was the Delta Atrium, which included a quarter-mile-long Delta River. As a part of the Grand opening of the river, water from 1700 lakes and rivers in the US were poured into the waterway. INCLUDING from Apple Valley Lake. It may have only been a couple ounces from a Jack Daniels bottle, but the story is fun to share and is now a piece of our lake history.  

Unfortunately, In 2010, a flood from the Cumberland river devastated the Opryland Hotel with over 250 million in damages. Restored and beautiful again, it attracts thousands of visitors (like my parents) a year., 

Does anyone know who filled the bottle/s with Apple Valley's water? 

Pictures by Evelyn G Ing








Info above from the following references:


by Sherrie Toth

365 Northridge Heights Dr - $714,555 LAKEFRONT Open House July 8th, 12-4 



Four season room

The End Of CABIN FEVER Fundraiser! May 13th

by Sherrie Toth


Rock Painting! The New Craze

by Sherrie Toth

Rock Painting: The New Craze!

Who knew that such a simple, inexpensive time passer would become the latest and greatest craze?!

Free photo: Rocks, Rock Concert, Painted Rocks - Free Image on ...

Painting rocks!

owl rocks | painted rocks to resemble owls | amboo who? | Flickr

Maybe you’ve found some hidden in a public place or along a path at the park. Or maybe you’ve painted a box full and have strategically placed them for others to find!  Regardless, finding and hiding these “gems” is certain to brighten your day and it’s quite the relaxing hobby that can be enjoyed alone or with others no matter what age you are.


The options are endless.  You can paint little critters, sceneries, people, or even a lakeside or lakefront landscape like the ones shown below:

Free photo: Paint, Rock, Drawing, Painted - Free Image on Pixabay ...

Painted rocks can serve many purposes such as for decorating, paperweights or gifts.  But what we seem to enjoy is the painting/hiding/finding/rehiding purpose!  On Facebook, there are many public pages where you can post the rocks you find.  It’s even cooler if someone discovers a rock that YOU personally hid.


Here are some directions on how to get started with this fun pastime!

Painting and Hiding your Rocks!

  1. Find some rocks! - You can use driveway rocks or stones right from your backyard! Craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby also carry smooth, black or grey stones that are inexpensive.  **Remember that if you are not permitted to take stones from state parks and most other places like that.  Keep in mind the parks’ motto: “Leave only footprints and take only pictures.”  

  2. Paint!- wash your rock and let it fully dry and then use an acrylic paint to create any design of your choosing!  The options are endless.  Google it. You’ll see!  Let dry overnight.

  3. Seal your Rock!- Using a clear outdoor sealer, spray your rock to protect it from the elements.

  4. Hide your Rock!-  You may hide your rock so that others can find them!  If you belong to a Rock forum, they may have extra suggestions as to where you may or may not hide your rock or what you can do to track where your rock has been.

  5. Have Fun!- It’s refreshing to see others having fun like this.  Have fun with it and make it special for all involved.


We are still searching for our rock that someone painted and hid inside of our officefor sail rock.png



Opening up the Lake House!

by Joe Toth

One of the fun parts of owning a lake house at Apple Valley Lake or any Ohio Lake for that matter is opening it up for the season. Unless you plan ahead, you might forget some tasks.  Here are a few tips to get the first weekend at the lake off to a good start. 

Your Checklist

To make sure you don't forget anything, write down a checklist of everything you have to do before you leave home and what must be done when you arrive at the lake. It takes a little extra time, but a checklist is the easiest way to make sure you get everything done. 

1. Contact the utility company and phone company to turn on your services. We have contact numbers right here for you
2. Get all your cleaning supplies, clothing, food, and all your family's needs together.
3. Make sure the insurance policies for your cottage, boat, trailer, and other documents you need are ready to go.

When You Arrive

1. Take inventory of your property. Check the property outside for any damage that may have occurred during the winter. 
2. Check the phone and power lines.
3. Check the roof and chimney for damage.
4. Inspect the windows and screens.
5. Check the structure under the cottage including beams and posts.
6. Check the deck and see if it needs a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Indoor Inspection of the Cottage

It's important to check the ceilings for any water leaks and do the necessary repairs as soon as possible. You should inspect all windows for leaks and functionality, check cupboards and drawers for signs of mice and clean them thoroughly. Put out fresh sheets and blankets, fluff up the towels and you're ready to enjoy Apple Valley Lake for the next season. 

A good once over cleaning

Open up all of the windows and air out the cottage! Its been several months so dust is going to build up. Sherrie's favorite sent at our lake house is lemon. She has tried them all and has found that Pine Sol Lemon is the best! Wipe down cabinets, floors and counter tops.  A quick once over will make things sparkle and smell fresh again. 

Needing a service provider to help with projects?  Here is our community list of KNOXPROS 

What are some of your tasks that you do to get the lake house ready?



5 MUST ASK questions when interviewing a Realtor

by Sherrie Toth

Sellers and Buyers: 5 MUST ASK questions when interviewing a Realtor.

Hands, Home, Protection ...

Are you buying or selling a home? Thinking about it?

At RE/MAX Consultant Group, Toth and Team, we are confident in our ability to do the best job representing you.  But we want YOU to be just as confident.  Here are a few questions you can ask when your are interviewing for a Realtor to help you either look for a home or sell one.


  1. Ask about experience- The sale of your home is one of the most costly transactions you will likely make in your lifetime and you should be confident that your Realtors experience will allow them to handle the sale of your home with fidelity from listing to closing. Its suggested  that you will want your agent to have at least 5-8  years of experience.
  2. When selling, ask how they plan to market your home- Marketing set’s  an agent apart.  Data shows that homes sell faster  the more thoroughly they are marketed. Many agents put a sign in the yard, put it in the MLS  and hope it sells.  It’s important that your agent has a written plan for your home. They should be able to sell the lifestyle of the area and should be talented at social marketing. Social marketing is the new  print press.
  3. Ask about communication - The process of selling a home will require a lot of communication-- nail biting at times!  Do you have a preference to which communication you prefer and how often?  Most agents are “cookie cutter” communicators. Make sure your communication from your Realtor is tailored just for you.
  4. Ask about office location and area knowledge- Is your agent local or miles or even counties away?  Can they react within minutes of a call? Many Realtors are moving to virtual offices. Buyers and sellers still like to walk into an office and talk with a professional face to face. Buyers want to trust their agent and get to know them before they feel confident allowing the agent to take care of their financial business.  An office will have maps, local information and feature their sellers listings to new buyers. Although paper marketing is becoming archaic to buyers, they still love to come into an office and get materials and information about a community from an area professional without seeing it for the first time at a showing. A brokerage that invests in an area office,  typically make it their business to know it  like the back of their hand.
  5. Ask about  past performance- Ask for performance documentation. Not their brokerage stats but their own personal stats compared the average agent. You don't want an average agent helping you with hundreds of thousands of dollars! Remember, past performance is likely going to be their future performance.

Of course, these are not the ONLY questions that you can ask, but these are definitely high up on the list.  RE/MAX Consultant Group, Toth and Team have a full list of questions that you can use in an interview.  Give us a call and let’s sit down and chat!  

Pancakes this weekend, at the lake

by Sherrie Toth

Pancakes this weekend, at the lake!

Fluffy. Sweet. Golden. Tasty.  PANCAKES.   I’m starting to think we might take these things for granted.  Nothing says all-American breakfast like the traditional pancake and it doesn’t have to be packed with unhealthy ingredients, either. This recipe has been developed over time by researching and trying dozens of recipes and tweaking certain things here and there to make these perfect for us.  We’d love to hear how you switch things up to suit YOUR family’s taste buds.


Old-Fashioned, All-American Pancakes


2c Whole Wheat Flour

1c Oats

4T sugar (or your favorite substitute)

2 heaping T baking powder

1 Stick melted butter or 1/2c oil

2t vanilla

2 Whole eggs

3 cups milk (add more later to get desired consistency)




Preheat pan or cast iron skillet to low to medium temperature. Mix dry ingredients together.  When you’re finished add wet ingredients.  If you desire a thinner pancake, you may choose to add a little more milk or water during this step.  We like them thicker, so we typically skip any additional ingredients.   

Spray hot pan with some cooking spray and add desired amount of batter.  If you are cooking for kids or the tiny child within, you can add sprinkles or chocolate chips to this step.  Wait until you see bubbles and then flip the pancake.  Your finished product should be a golden brown.  Sprinkle some powdered sugar or any other topping you desire.

What are your favorite winter recipes?

Living On The Lake in The Off Season!

by Sherrie Toth



When you think of “Lake Living,” your brain probably automatically associates it with summertime. And rightly so!  Living on a lake is definitely at its peak during those summer months when you can enjoy boating, skiing, swimming and many other countless “summertime-esque” activities                                             .


Fortunately, Lake Living doesn’t have to die with summer.  It’s just as alive in the off season as any other time-- just in a  different way.                                                                             

If you’re bored or looking for “things” to do, it might be a good idea to connect with your Lake’s Social Media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).  Through these sites, you can connect with your community and stay in the loop regarding special events and other get-togethers. You might even get to know other people as a result!


Summer isn’t the only beautiful season either.  Each season can be admired for its grandeur.  Fall’s gorgeous leaves and colors; Winter’s quiet, white, cool, snow-filled backdrop; and the new life of spring.  Add all of this beauty to the scenery of a lake and you have double beauty.


So don’t rule out living on a lake just because you think you can only enjoy it for three months during the year.  Lake Living is a lifestyle that can be enjoyed all year round.


Check out our blog from last year about other things to do in the winter HERE


Contact us now so we can help you find your Happy Place any time of year!

Coats for Kids!!

by Sherrie Toth

"FALL" into Apple Valley!

by Sherrie Toth

fall into apple valley.png


Spring and Summer make it so easy.  There’s so much to do.  You don’t even have to try that hard to get locked into something.  The real challenge comes when the weather cools down and the lake isn’t conducive for swimming or other outdoor activities.  


Finding activities to keep you busy during this time of year isn’t as easy as just walking outside and jumping in the water or bathing in the sun.  But while it may not come naturally, there are definitely plenty of things to keep you busy that will allow you to continue to enjoy your Lake Home as much if not more than you did in the warmer months.


                Open up those windows


The beginning of this season is so blissful because it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot.  It’s the perfect time to air out the house and enjoy the crispness of Fall.  Before you know it, the windows will be barred shut again and we won’t be able to open them until  Spring. So allow this time to take it all in


Make a goal.checklist.png

Who said you have to wait until January 1st to make a goal or a resolution?  Today is the day!  Your goal can be anything!  Do you have a major cleaning task?  Do you want to get that holiday shopping list started?  Maybe you want to hit the gym and get a head start before the New Year’s day rush.  Don’t hesitate and start small.  You know what they always say?  “A journey starts with a single step.”


                                Check the local paper.


Believe us! You will be happy you did.  The local paper and the Cider Press is a goldmine for activities during this time of year, most of which are social.  So not only are you feeding that need to have something to do, but you’re also getting to know fellow lovers of this area.


What are some ways you keep busy during this season?  Share with us! We’d love to know!


And as always, if you are looking to find your happy place here in Apple Valley or to sell your place, give us a call and we’ll help set you up on the right path.


PS: Did you know we have a local office? Many agents sell out of their homes.. We invested in an office just outside of Apple Valley in the same plaza as Domino and Artiques. One of many reasons why we sell more homes in AV than our competition! Call or stop in! 844-411-LAKE (5253)


Joe & Sherrie

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 68

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