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Fall Back!

by Sherrie Toth

In case you were wondering, it’s that time again.  On November 4th, we will change our clocks back.


A good way to remember; “Fall behind and spring ahead.”  As a rule of thumb, now would be a great time to change batteries in your smoke detectors and change the filters in your furnace.  

Ever wonder about the history of the time change? Here it is in detail!


Haunted? Taking a look inside Kenyon College

by Sherrie Toth


Most would agree that living by the lake is most enjoyable in the summer months, but other seasons offer their benefits to lake homeowners as well-- especially here in Knox county, Ohio.  Especially during this time of the year. Especially on Halloween.

Just a few miles into Gambier we have the historical Kenyon college-- a respected liberal arts college-- being recognized as one of Ohio’s top schools.

While Kenyon offers plenty to do and see for students and non students alike, it is HAUNTED-- well, you can be the judge.

This quaint little college in a tiny little town is holding a few skeletons in its closet and whether you are superstitious or not, you can’t deny the commonalities between decades of stories told by those who have first hand accounts.

There are several stories that are tightly or loosely based on truth.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Sunset Lightswitch | just happened to be sunsetting on my wa… | Flickr

Lewis Hall

It is reported that a student who died at the hands of himself actually turns lights on and off in this building. Others claim that toilets flush on their own and if you sit and listen, you can hear knocking as if on a door.

Bolton Dance Studio

what we know now as the dance hall used to be a pool referred to as the Greenhouse because its glass ceiling gave it the resemblance of non other than a greenhouse. It is said that lifeguards in this building used to run to the rescue of an alleged distressed swimmer only to see that the splashing was nothing and there was no one in the area.  One swimmer is alleged to have broken her neck on the high dive causing her to dive.  Reports still indicate that the modern studio is still haunted.  Dancers will see wet footprints on the floor and hear the showers turn on and off on their own.Free photo: Swimming Pool, Mosaic, Dome - Free Image on Pixabay ...

Old Kenyon

Perhaps the most tragic of all events to have happened at Kenyon was the fire of 1949.  Nine men were killed in this blaze and are said to linger still to this day.  There was a 2017 account of a young lady who was reduced to sleeping with her lights on in her dorm because when she attempted to fall asleep the first time, she felt and saw what appeared to be a burnt arm wrap around her in her bed.  She was paralyzed in fear.File:Old Kenyon crop.jpg - Wikipedia

There are several more accounts just like the three mentioned above.  But it’s really up to you if you want to believe them or not.  There are tours conducted that show all the haunted buildings and give the accounts of those who claim to have been haunted. If a spooky tour doesn’t tickle your fancy, you could always stop at the Village Inn for a nice IPA or the coffee shop on the corner for toasty warm dark roast.  

Happy Halloween...

Joe & Sherrie Toth - Apple Valley Lake 

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Dont have the space for a pool table? Now you do!

by Sherrie Toth

If you’ve ever wanted to have a pool table at the lake house but had nowhere to put it, check this out:

It’s called the Fusion Table and I can only imagine how popular my dinner parties would be if I owned one. You could be sitting around the table with friends and family enjoying a delicious meal one minute and challenging your guests to a game of pool the next - how cool is that? I love items that have multiple functions - might have to put this on my Christmas list.

What do you think? Would you want one of these in your dining room?

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Winterizing Your Lake Home

by Sherrie and Joe Toth
Have you started getting your lake home ready for Ohio winter yet? I know, I can’t believe it’s almost here either!
A large outdoor cabin with a wrapped deck at Big Bear Mountain Resort in California

One of the easiest - and cheapest - things you can do to prepare for the cooler temperatures is to buy a $2 protector for your outdoor faucet. This will keep cold air from getting into your pipes and flooding your basement with frozen water, which can cost up to $15,000 to fix. Don’t you love finding a cheap solution to prevent a really expensive problem?

This article has some other great tips for winterizing your lake home, and if you need any other ideas on how to protect your investment, feel free to ask.

Joe & Sherrie
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7 Tips When Considering a Lakefront Home!

by Sherrie Toth

7 Tips When Considering a Lakefront Home:

You’re ready to make the dive, eh?  Purchasing a Lakefront home is the next item on your bucket list and as you get ready to venture into this endeavor, you will have some things to think about first.  A purchase of this magnitude will require much more than a simple Internet search for:” Lakefront properties near me”. While there are several aspects to consider when purchasing a lakefront home, Toth and Team has whittled that list down to seven points.


  1. Find a local agent who is a true waterfront/ area specialist.  We cannot stress this enough, hence why it’s number one on the list.  You wouldn’t go to your dentist to perform brain surgery and you wouldn’t hire any agent to help you with your search.  And it doesn’t stop at simply being a Lakefront Specialist-- you also want your agent to be a local specialist.  You want an agent who also lives in the area and knows the ins and outs.  Toth and Team is proud to say that not only are we experts in lake living, but we are also proud owners of a lakefront property on the very lake in which we specialize. We have been second lakefront owners and full time lakefront owners. We know both lifestyles.   

  2. Have a chat with other residents.  Along the lines of getting expert advice, why not talk to others who live there?  Do they enjoy living in the community?  How long have they been there? What are the greatest challenges? What are the benefits?

  3. What will be your waterfront responsibilities?  Your agent will be able to give advice or direct you with this one.  If you’re new to waterfront properties, you might want to do research on what your new responsibilities will be.  Consider the fact that your backyard is your new front yard-- it is visible for all to see now with boaters driving by.

  4. Look into loans early.  Start the prequalification process early.  Purchasing a Lake Home is typically a very large purchase and available to those who are extremely qualified.  You will want to start this process early because it can take a lot longer than the normal home loan process. Another note to consider is, a second home requires more money down.

  5. Lake Location. Are you happy to be located anywhere on the lake or do you desire a specific area?  Depending on where your property is located (East, West, North, South) you could experience more day time sun (sunrise) or more evening sun (sunset)-- all of which are YOUR preference.  Do you want to reside on the main lake or would you prefer a more quaint, quiet cove?

  6. Boat restrictions: Make sure you understand the restrictions at the lake. For instance, did you just purchase a 22ft Mastercraft? This boat would not be approved for Apple Valley Lake. Our team is well informed and educated on the dos, don’ts, cans and can'ts

  7. Picking the right real estate professional. Understand that lakefront at most lakes is highly desired. We know our “niche” market well. At the time you are looking, we can update you what is happening and what we predict will happen on the waterfront. -Many times we know about homes before they list in the MLS!  Many homes in 2017 on the lakefront, sold within days and even hours.

Do you have questions?  Maybe you’re not ready to jump right in, but you just want to talk.  That’s what we’re here for.  Let’s chat over a cup of coffee!  Contact us  and we can help!


Fall Landscaping

by Sherrie Toth

When summer ends, some people cover their patio furniture and stash their gardening tools away until the first sign of spring in the next year. More and more people, however, are embracing the great outdoors outside their homes with a number of interesting landscape trends.

Fire features are big, with everything from new twists on fire pits (like the glass gas fire pit, below) to outdoor fireplaces controlled with your smartphone in your backyard or by you dock at the lake. 

Plan a fall garden with as much fervor as you’d plan your spring garden, focusing on plantings like boxwoods and maples that reach peak bloom during fall and winter.

And when you can’t stand the cold any longer, you can bring the green inside with whole walls made out of green plants and tropical gardens nurtured inside year-round.

Fall is a still a great time to sell or buy a lake home. Contact us and we can let you know what the lake home market is doing. 


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Buses converted to homes

by Sherrie Toth

Can you imagine living in a school bus? What if it looked like this?

Come to think of it, this looks a lot nicer than my first apartment! It was designed by a builder in Denver who also happens to know a thing or two about buses. He spent about $27,000 turning this bus into a home, complete with a full kitchen, living room, and yes, a bathroom. Plus, it actually runs so when he wants a change of scenery, all he has to do is jump into the driver’s seat and go.

What do you think? Could you live in a bus, or would the quarters be a little too tight?

More info and pictures here about this builder and his builds

Joe & Sherrie

For a traditional home or lot at Apple Valley Lake, Contact the agents that know the area well! 

Apple Valley Lake surprise in Tennessee

by Sherrie Toth

My parents went to Tennessee and visited the Gaylord Opryland hotel and resort and came back with a pretty cool story that includes Apple Valley Lake. Thanks Ma!


The Opryland Hotel opened its doors to guests in 1977.  Originally, the hotel was built to support the Grand Ole Opry. It had 580 guest rooms and a ballroom. 

The hotel became a hot spot destination and in 1984, it increased its size to accommodate another 480 guests and also added a convention center and a Garden Conservatory. The atrium featured over 10,000 plants and flowers. 

Keeping up with demand, in 1988 another 2 acres and nearly 800 guests rooms were added!  Another Atrium was built that included  a beautiful 3.5-story waterfall with over 8,000 tropical plants.

In 1996, A 4.5-acre expansion adding 1,024 guest rooms, 10 meeting rooms and a 57,000-square-foot ballroom was added. The incredible main feature of this addition was the Delta Atrium, which included a quarter-mile-long Delta River. As a part of the Grand opening of the river, water from 1700 lakes and rivers in the US were poured into the waterway. INCLUDING from Apple Valley Lake. It may have only been a couple ounces from a Jack Daniels bottle, but the story is fun to share and is now a piece of our lake history.  

Unfortunately, In 2010, a flood from the Cumberland river devastated the Opryland Hotel with over 250 million in damages. Restored and beautiful again, it attracts thousands of visitors (like my parents) a year., 

Does anyone know who filled the bottle/s with Apple Valley's water? 

Pictures by Evelyn G Ing








Info above from the following references:


by Sherrie Toth

365 Northridge Heights Dr - $714,555 LAKEFRONT Open House July 8th, 12-4 



Four season room

The End Of CABIN FEVER Fundraiser! May 13th

by Sherrie Toth


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